Community Quilts from Ray and the Pierce City Quilters

I am delinquent and have not shared an email from Carolyn with you.   I’m going to FINALLY do that today AND I have emails from Ray to share with you today…some mail and some finished quilts are on tap for your viewing pleasure!

First up from Carolyn.  She is from the Pierce City Quilters…
She writes:
Just wanted to show you what we have done with some of the fabrics donated to us from you guys.

We delivered 31 quilts to Children’s Advocacy Center.

Some of these were tops finished by blog readers…

Some were made from fabric donated by blog readers…

What a wonderful job the ladies did on finishing these all up!!
There will be many blessed by their work.

Now from Ray…

He writes:
“I got a package in the mail today from Lena E. in VA. She had six quilt tops that she sent to me to finish and donate.


*  First is this cute little quilt made of various charm squares that are set on point with a stunning border. There is even a John Deere tractor in one of the blocks. Nothing runs like a Deere. Sorry, I could not resist. LOL!! It measures 47 x 47.

*  I really like this quilt. I have no idea what the name of the pattern is. It is some variation of a nine patch. However, the way it is put together, it creates a snowball pattern effect. Check out all the fabrics in it. It measures 46 x 63.

*  I love row quilts and this one really caught my eye. It has so many different patterns built into it. Love the red horizontal dividers and the blue border. It measures.48 x 68.

*  Here is another nine-patch, snowball quilt. It is the same wonderful pattern but a whole different selection of fabrics. It measures 46 x 63.

* Then another charm squares on point. The variety of fabrics amazes me. This time she used a purple gingham for the border. It measures 45 x 45.

*  Last but not least is this square in a square in a square. Just to add some more interest, there are triangle pieces added to the corners so that you get hourglasses where the blocks join. Awesome. It measures 56 x 67.

Thank you Lena for these wonderful tops.

This was a great post…we can see donated tops and we see great finished quilts.  It’s all part of the process that makes the Community Quilt Project keep on working.  Thanks to all who have donated tops, and of course to all the finishers!!


4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray and the Pierce City Quilters”

  1. Really beautiful quilts — loved all the different “patterns” and colors too!! Beautiful work –and how they will be loved by the recipients!! Wonderful –the combined efforts and talents of so many– My thanks go out to all that did all that work. Community Hearts I think!

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Nice use of fabric,Carolyn. Those are lovely quilts from Lena E in VA for you Ray, to work your magic on. Thanks for the update, Jo.

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