Community Quilts from Ray and Arline

I got some bad news from Ray.  One of my blog readers, Arline, who has donated quilt tops to Ray in the past and one who comments regularly here ended up having a lot of damage to her home from hurricane Ian.  Arline’s house got significant damage and she will not be living there anymore.  Arline was so sweet and contacted Ray.  She asked him to come and get some of her sewing things as she was needing them to be gone and not have to deal with it all as she started making a new transition.

Arline sent a pile of quilt tops and even some paired with backings.

Ray was so good and measured them all and took pictures so we can share them with you.  I hope you enjoy the parade of Arline’s amazing work!  Isn’t she great with color??

Cats 40 x 66

Pineapple 50 x 62

Star 41 x 41

Houses 46 x 55

Floral 48 x 66

Jungle stack and whack 54 x 66

Dog stars  50 x 50-this one has lots of dog prints in it.  SO CUTE!

Autumn stars 49 x 50

Sampler 61 x 62

Scrappy stars 51 x 65

Baby girl stars 50 x 50-think this is a Bonnie Hunter mystery.

Purple spirals 46 x 46

Pinwheels 43 x 50

Scrappy Irish chain 48 x 59

Cats 46 x 47

Cats 46 x 47-Here is another just the same.


Cats 31 x 37-This one and the next one are similar and both have a cat print in them.

Cats 31 x 37   Which do you like better?

Arline even sent a finished top.

I am so thankful that Arline thought of Ray as she is going through the hard process of making a new start.  If you’re reading Arline, please know we are thinking of you and hope your transition is as smooth as possible.

Ray also gave a little update on himself.  He writes:
Went out to dinner to celebrate running tap water this afternoon. We had been living on bottled water and runoff water and cold pool water for a little over a week. A hot shower never felt so good!!

Thinking of you all who are dealing with the aftermath of weather…or life.  Many thanks to Ray and to Arline.  

24 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray and Arline”

  1. Best wishes to Arline; so sorry to hear of the destruction…may her transition be easy. And to Ray, glad to hear your situation is better. Thank you for all the work you do. The hurricane aftermath is terrible.

  2. Dear Arlene,
    Lovely quilts. So sorry about the loss of home and hearth. Hope you find peace.

    Regards from autumnal England.

  3. What a gracious and generous gesture to think of others in her time of stress and change. Thanks to Ray and Arline for their kindness.

  4. Carmen Montmarquet

    So sorry to hear about Arline, her quilts were FABULOUS! Hope she finds another place to live and finds peace there! Glad she wasn’t hurt!! Even through all she has gone through she was thinking of others, she truly is an inspiration!!!

  5. So sorry for Arline’s situation and all the many others in Florida dealing with such terrible losses in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. So thankful for my family there who were spared. The quilts are beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Ray!

  6. So sad about Arline. I’m sure there are many more quilters experiencing the devastation. I live in Fl and I understand. Hugs to all of them.

  7. Blessings to Arline and Ray. In this time of catastrophe event in her life, Aline thought of how to help others with her beautiful quilts! Prayers that her life is soon back to some form of normalcy.

  8. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Arline, I am so sorry to hear your news. And yet you were still thinking of others! Hope this transition goes smoothly for you.

  9. Thinking of you Arlene as you take your next step. Know that the creativity and skill you put into your quilts will now bring comfort to others. Ray, glad you too have something to make your day brighter.

  10. So sorry to hear of Arline’s situation. Know that we are praying. Your quilts are beautiful and with Ray’s help will go to special people. Glad you have water again Ray. Prayers for all those in Florida.

  11. Arline God bless you as you deal with the aftermath of the hurricane and settle into you new home. Even in your struggles you still thought of others, amazing. Ray thankful that you have made it through the destruction of the hurricane too and are on the celebration side of it. Thanks to you and Arline many will be gifted with lovely quilts.

  12. Wow, those tops were amazing! So sorry to hear of Arline’s troubles and loss. Blessings to her and Ray both. Hopefully her transition will be smooth and peaceful and Ray gets to enjoy many more hot showers!

  13. I love Arline’s quilts! So many different color palettes – why can’t I do that? All my quilts seem to resemble the next.

  14. Kudos to Arline! In the midst of her devastation she reaches out and donates all these wonderful quilts! What a beautiful witness and heart! Prayers are she moves forward.

  15. How kind of you to donate your beautiful quilts, Arline! I hope you find your new home soon and find peace there. Thank you, Ray, for taking care of her projects. So glad you got your water back on, Ray. I know it’s miserable without that service. Take care all!

  16. All I can say is WOW, what a great variety of patterns, colors, fabrics. Many prayers as you begin the new faze of your life Arline. Ray, thanks for the wonderful display.

  17. Those are all beautiful!! Our hearts go out to Arline and all those affected by the hurricane – I know we all pray that they can transition to a better situation as soon as possible!
    On l lighter note, glad to hear Ray has running water again – we don’t realize how much we miss those necessities until we don’t have them!

  18. What lovely tops! Arline is a master with color & pattern. If anyone has pattern info for the scrappy stars and scrappy Irish Chain tops, I would appreciate it as I hate doing quilt math. Sympathy to Arline and Ray as they navigate the clean up and prayers that recovery goes smoothly. Our son is with Corps of Engineers and leaves Tuesday morning to work with the “Blue Roof” program. 30 to 60 day deployment so we hope to see him again by his birthday/Thanksgiving. If not, birthdays keep and roofs need to be repaired.

  19. Judith Fairchild

    What a Lovely stack of tops! Arlene so sorry about the distraction of your home. Praying you find a great place to live. Thank you for giving the tops to Ray. It’s hard to know what to do when faced with moving anytime and to have to do so in your situation it’s so much worse. Take care stay strong. Praying for you and the others surviving the storm.

  20. Thank you to Arline, Ray, and Jo for sharing. It’s a mini quilt show. Such lovely quilts. The best to Arline and Ray.

  21. I’ll just say “DITTO” to everyone else’s comments—sure a line up of beautiful things Arline had made –
    Thanks to both Arline and Ray for all their work .

  22. Margaret in North Texas

    Good luck on the journey Arline to your new location. Thanks for thinking of Ray and many others in sharing your beautiful quilts. Blessings to both of you!

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