Community Quilts from Ray and Arline

Before I get into today’s Community Quilts I wanted to share a request from Ray. He writes:
You will likely recall that the church had a dinner last year on Veteran’s Day and I finished a bunch of quilts to give to veterans. They are going to have the dinner again this year in early November. I have plenty of red/white/blue fabric to make quilt tops but little time to piece. What do think about letting your blog readers know that I could use some red, white, and blue tops? 

Well Ray, I think that would be AMAZING. I think you all are like me. You want to be a helper in the world but often don’t know how to help. Here’s a way. Does anyone have any patriotic quilts tops you would be willing to share with Ray so he can finish them and donate them. These do not need to follow Quilt of Valor regulations. It’s even fine if the quilts are red and white…Ray could easily add a blue binding to make them a little more patriotic or make sure those got patriotic backing. Anything you could do to help Ray would be great. Here is his email.

Now for today’s post…

I have community quilts from Ray and Arline to share with you today. If you remember Arline suffered hurricane damaged and was forced from her home. In her trials, she reached out to quilt finisher Ray, and they teamed up to do great things.
Ray writes:

Arline H. made this fun little quilt and handed it off to me to finish and to donate.

The pattern is a great scrap buster that is for sure. Simple layout but tons of interest. Nothing like a bunch of pinwheels to get your attention. I used the stipple stitch to keep things simple from my side and allow those wonderful wheels to spin. My thanks to you and Arline for this supplies and support for this special quilt.

I finished another …

sampler quilt top from Arline in FL. If you look at it very closely, you may recognize many of the same blocks as in a previous sampler quilt from Arline.The earlier quilt was made with bright bold fabrics and tropical prints. This one is in softer blues and yellows with some super cute bees and butterflies and a very nice helping of glitter.

It never ceases to amaze me how different fabrics will make the same quilt look entirely different. I used the daisy motif with a light blue thread on the top and a bright blue thread on the back. Love how the blue daisies show up against the yellow backing.

My thanks to you and Arline for contributing to this beautiful community quilt to add to the Airing.

I finished another beautiful batik quilt from Arline H. in FL. I finished a quilt that was very similar to this a week or so ago. The two quilts were based on the same pattern.

This quilt has a double border and the other did not have a border. Also this quilt has a lot more earthy toned fabrics which gives it a totally different look. I decided to go with the trillium leaf motif and off white thread on the front to be consistent with the earthy feel. I used a black thread on the backing that Arline supplied. 

My thanks to you and Arline for the support for another wonderful quilt for the Airing.

WOW…Arline and Ray sure know how to make lemons from lemonade. I’m so impressed with the generous hearts of both Arline and Ray. It’s wonderful to see these finished quilts that have come from Arline’s donations. Many thanks to you both!!

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray and Arline”

  1. Nice work on all these quilts! I may have something to send to Ray. I was going to donate it to another charity cause, but the farther I go on it, the more I’ve been thinking it could be a QOV or veteran’s quilt (especially with a little red binding, maybe?). I’ll seriously consider this. Thanks for letting us know about the request!

  2. I could also use some red/white/blue UFO blocks that will finish at 12 inches. I can put some blocks together and make a sampler quilt out of the blocks. Thanks to all for your awesome support.

  3. Beautiful quilts, as always! As it so happens, I have some RWB fabric set aside that I’d planned to make QOVs with but I’ll send them to Ray instead. I emailed him so hopefully that will produce good things! Yay! More quilts to make!

  4. Ann Marif Drop

    I always enjoy seeing these beautiful finished products . They give me so many ideas. Thank you Ray and Arline

  5. Arline/Ray….or others, what is the name of the pinwheel block shown in the colorful ( stash buster) beautiful quilt today, please. Thank you

  6. Great job Ray with covering Veterans. If you could coordinate with the local QOV group they could supply labels and certificates as well as help with the event.

    1. Often times people donate quilts tops that don’t meet the QOV guidelines so they can’t be used as official QOV quilts. What Ray is doing is so admirable and it helps so many!!

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