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Ray has continued to be busy. Today we have mail and finished quilts to share with you. Let’s jump into finished quilts first.

Ray writes:
I finished this beautiful blue and white quilt from Laura.

Love the two-color quilt and the scrappy nature of the quilt.

Deciding on a motif for this quilt was a bit of a challenge. There were a lot of blocks so I wanted some curves to soften the look. But then in the fabrics were a lot of curves and points that I wanted to highlight. I finally decided on the twig motif with lots of sweeps and curves and erratic shapes.

I also used an off-white thread.

To keep with the blue and white theme, I used a couple of different fabrics.

Love this very special and unique quilt.

My thanks to you, Laura, and all the backing providers for your continued support.

Nancy F. made this beautiful quilt top and sent it to me to finish. Well, I finally got around to finishing this big quilt.

It is a queen at 88 x 88. I love the center star medallion and all the borders around it. A little nostalgia for me as my high school colors were black and gold.

I used the twig motif to add interest in a dark gold thread.

Nancy sent backing for the quilt but I decided it was too nice to relegate to the back. I think it will be great in a veteran quilt. I substituted solid black fabric for the backing.

Awesome quilt!! My thanks to you and Nancy for the support to make this quilt.

Today I received a box in the mail from Rita S in NC. SHe sent me a beautiful red, white and blue top and a panel for me to finish for the vets on Veteran’s Day. The top is, I think. a disappearing nine patch. I love how she set the blocks with the sashing and cornerstones. Rita even pieced the border to compliment the block pattern. It measures 54 x 68.

The panel speaks for itself. I will add some borders. The panel is 42 x 36.

I received another red, white, and blue quilt top in the mail today. This one is from Michele P in PA. The rich red and blue blocks are a great contrast to the white. The pattern is made of blocks but is designed somewhat like a few quilts that are made with HSTs. Love the creativity.

Thanks Michele

WOW…those were all great quilt tops and great finished quilts. I have so much fun reading the emails from Ray when they come in as I have never seen the quilt tops that are sent to Ray. You all are out-doing yourselves. THANKS for the great support you send Ray’s way. Your generosity always amazes me!!

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Do you buy quilts. I have many that I inherited from a Penn Dutch grandmother. None have ever been used and they are up in perfect condition. I had them appraised by Neva Hart , a quilt historian from Virginia. If interested, I would love to show them to you! thanks , Susie

    1. I have so many of my own quilts. I don’t buy or keep any from others except two that have been gifted to me by blog readers Ila and from my grandma too. It’s sad that you don’t have family who you could gift them to. I’d love to handwork or quilts from my grandmother.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Beautiful quilts and beautiful finishes. The panel of the truck will be a fun one to play with choosing the right color and making quietly or bright interesting borders. Is half the fun of using panels. Will be watching you stay for the finished quilt to see what you decide on. I know it will be a good one.

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