Community Quilts from Ray

Ray has been busy cranking out quilts right and left.

Ray writes:
Who let the dogs out???? Katy P. in WI sent me this dog-themed quilt top to finish and donate.

I love all the dog fabrics she used in this wonderful strip quilt. The red accent fabric is just the right touch to give it a good dose of pizzaz. Where would we be without our dogs? I know we would be lost without our rescue black lab named Belle.

I used the stipple motif for the quilting with bone-colored thread on the front and a light brown on the back.

Katy included the backing and the binding with this top. Awesome quilt.

My thanks to you and Katy for your support in finishing this quilt.

I was finally able to slip in a community quilt into the schedule and get it finished.

This top came from Katy P. in WI. I love all the gorgeous batik fabrics that she used in creating this awesome disappearing nine-patch quilt top.

There is just something about batiks that catch my eyes and hold them.

I used a motif that I had not tried before and loved it. It is called Madeline’s Scroll. I really like the flow of the pattern.

I used a bone-colored thread to minimize the quilting as usual. The backing is from the stash from Deb and Pat in FL.

My thanks to you, Katy, Deb, and Pat for the support to make this special quilt.

For the last couple of years, Saint Hilary’s has been hosting a Memorial Day observance to honor the service men and women who have bravely served so that we may continue to enjoy our freedom. Each year we strive to improve the event.

Last year I came across a quilt pattern called Remember Them from Sunflower Stitcheries. That quilt said so much about Memorial Day that I knew it would be a great addition.

Well, the quilt is finished and ready to be used as a backdrop on the stage for this year’s observance. Because it is to be used as a backdrop, I added a border to the original design to make it larger.

Ray sent me a later email with the quilt on display… Doesn’t it look great??

Wow. I love that last quilt. What a beautiful statement quilt!! Great work on all of these Ray. It’s always so fun to see what you have been up to and working on!! Many thanks to everyone who donated and helped to make these happen.

9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    The quilts are beautiful. Ray made the poppy quilt a wonderful picture of the sacrifice so many of the military have paid for our freedom.
    Like the old poem starts ” In Flanders Field the poppies grow crimson flowers row on row.

  2. Tried to find the pattern with no luck. Could it be a different name? Searched under poppies and Remember Them.

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