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I have some good news and some finished quilts from Ray today. First up…the good news. You might remember that Ray is looking for patriotic-colored quilt tops that he can finish and present. They don’t need to follow Quilt of Valor guidelines. They just need to be lap sized and feature patriotic colors. Ray spearheads a special day and presents quilts to veterans in his area.

Ray writes:
I can not believe the wonderful response to the notice of needing some red, white, and blue quilts. Your blog readers are truly the BEST. The first top came in today’s mail from Barbara E in FL. It is a beautiful checkerboard top. Most of it is red and white but she added some blue sashing squares to break up the checker pattern. It is going to make a wonderful quilt and measures 62 x 62.”

Today I received a box in the mail from Arlyn P, in MA. Arlyn had emailed me and said she had some red, white and blue quilts that she would like to send my way. Check out these beautiful quilts.

The first one out of the box was a finished quilt. Love the blue and white combination and the star pattern she used. I am guessing that she quilted it on her domestic machine. A great big OMG!! I quilted some small stuff on my domestic a few years ago and decided. That is a long, hard task. There has got to be a better way. This quilt measures 56 x 85.

The next top is amazing with the HST star points around a center medallion. The background fabric is small red stars on white. It measures 70 x 70.

The next one has a lot of six-point stars that pop against the background of white with small blue stars. Love those piano key borders. WOW! This one measures 57 x 70.

The last top was a red and white quilt with red stars set in an Irish chain pattern. Love it also! It measures 60 x 80.

I am positive these vets and not going to care if the quilts are 2 colors instead of all 3 colors, red, white, and blue. The recognition for their service given is totally overwhelming for them.

I received a box in the mail today with 2 beautiful quilts from Sharon D in NJ.

The first quilt utilizes 4 patch blocks alternating with solid blocks. Love the pattern and the colors in the quilt. To my surprise when I looked at the backside, I noticed that the top had been hand pieced. Now that is special!! It measures 54 x 77.

The other quilt utilizes log cabin blocks along with two house blocks and a centerpiece of red hearts. Love it! It measures 59 x 59.

Thank you Sharon.

WOW!! Those were great tops. About the two colored quilt…I think I would add a wide blue binding, or possibly a patriotic print border or backing and that would make it a little more patriotic!!

Thanks to everyone who sent tops Ray’s way. It’s just awesome to see how supportive you all are of the community quilt project.

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