Community Quilts from Ray

 I received a wonderful package in the mail from Patricia S in LA. She loves to piece quilts and likes to send me a package with a quilt or two from time to time. They are wonderful quilts and always are very creative.

The first quilt is made up of HSTs that are set in the manner of a 9 patch. Then she goes a step farther with color and arrangement. Gorgeous quilt. It measures 54 x 63.

The other quilt is made out of small blocks. The pattern reminds me of an around the world pattern except this is a square pattern instead of a diamond. A super fun quilt. It measures 62 x 62.

Thank you Patricia.

I had an early Christmas present in the mail this week. Actually I am calling it …

Christmas in March. Adele A in UT sent me 2 beautiful quilts made of Christmas fabric along with backings and some extra fabric for the stash. Merry Christmas in the upper 80’s temperature. My kind of winter.

The first one appears to have been made from a layer cake in a modified snowball pattern. She used complementary fabrics for the border. It measures 67 x 76.

The other one has a pattern that reminds me of packages with ribbons tied around each one. Much neater wrapping than I ever accomplished. LOL!! It measures 61 x 70.

Love them both. Thanks Adele. Sending you some warm weather to help melt all the snow that you got this winter.

Arline H. in FL made this beautiful scrap quilt and gave it to me to finish and donate. I admire her for her patience in making this quilt.

All those tiny squares to piece would have totally put me over the edge. Maybe someday, but not today.

I selected the stipple motif and bone colored thread to stay with a more traditional look. Arline supplied the backing and binding. 

My thanks to you and Arline for another eye catching quilt.

What a treat to see the many tops that were sent Ray’s way. All of them are great looking and I’m sure after Ray applies his touch to finish them they will shine even more. The quilt from Arline was great too. I’ve made a plus like that before and I’m terrible at laying them out. I totally admire you Arline!!

We are so blessed to have so many people helping to make great quilts to send them out into the world to be a help to others.

4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. The quilt top from Patricia S. made with small bricks is a great “I Spy” challenge! There’s a lot of variety in that top, but you can “spy” some repetition. (Especially in the polka dots, checks, stripes, etc) The other tops are nice also and I’m sure Ray will do his magic with those, just as he did on the one from Arlene H in this post!

  2. Great to see Ray’s variety of quilt tops and as always, he has done a wonderful job with them. What a generous and kind soul he is!!

  3. The first quilt shown from Adele is a pattern called Stretched Stars. Love how she pieced her borders. It is actually inspiring to see holiday fabrics in use now rather than waiting til the big rush is on in the fall. As always, “good job” to all the piecers and Ray.

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