Community Quilts from Ray

I have two quilts from Ray today…

He writes:
A few days ago I posted a batik quilt from Katy that I finished. Arline H. reminded me that she loves scrappy batik quilts. After a bit of digging I found this beauty that Arline had given me.

Tons of batik scraps in this one as well. She worked them into a pattern with lots of circles in it. The circle piecing is amazing. I am still trying to sew straight lines. LOL!!

The never-ending debate on a motif. I decided to go with the circle meander with a bone-colored thread on the top. The motif actually pulled out the circle pattern even more.

Arline included… the lime green backing and the batik binding with the top. I had some lime green thread on hand to use on the back. Awesome quilt for the Airing. My thanks to you and Arline for another eye-catching quilt.

This quilt top came from the Cresco ladies.

As many quilts as they make, they must piece quilts all day long, every day. Each quilt is unique and individually designed. Amazing!!

I am guessing that they used a panel and cut it up and added to it to make this wonderful quilt. The colors are so soft with the vintage blocks in the quilt. The blue borders really do set it off in a special way.

I am thinking that the backing came from the Cresco ladies as well.

I used the daisy motif to pick up the flowers in the panel blocks. The bone-colored thread gave the daisies some depth without being intrusive. Love it!!

My thanks to you and the Cresco ladies for this awesome quilt that is ready for the Airing of the Quilts. Go to for a preview.”

Many thanks to Ray.  I bet this year’s Airing of the Quilts will be amazing.  I’ve loved many of the quilts that Ray has recently shared…just amazing.  Thanks to everyone who has donated tops of goodies to make them all happen.

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  1. Margaret in North Texas

    Two wonderful quilts for the “Airing of the Quilts”. Thanks to each of you, Arline H, the Cresco ladies as well of your wonderful finishing touches Ray!

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