Community Quilts from Ray

I have good news from Ray today…an updated website and some finished quilts.  What more could we want??

Ray writes:
“OMG!! Life is busy here in southwest Florida. It is tourist and snowbird season. I think everybody is down here trying to escape the cold up north. My daughter was down for a few days to get warmed up and helped me get the website update for the Airing of the Quilts on March 18.

In between commission quilts, I finished this bright, bold quilt from Laura.

Check out the splash of color on this quilt. Nothing shy about this one. Love it!!

I used the …stipple motif as there was no way I could even begin to try to compete with the color. I used a neutral bone color on the front and white on the back.

I selected a very neutral fabric for the back for the same reason. However, I did find a small piece of lime green fabric for the binding.

My thanks to you, Laura, and the wonderful fabric supporters for adding another great quilt to the Airing.

I know it is still cold and snowy in the northern part of the US but it is warm here in southwest FL. So here are some warm wishes and spring flowers via this quilt from Gina C. in NY.

I love the beautiful fabrics she chose to go in this quilt. It is truly a breath of spring. I debated on a motif for the quilting and decided the flowers in the pattern were enough and that the flowers needed some butterflies.



A sign of spring awakening. I used a white thread on the top and a blue thread on the back to blend in with the awesome backing that Gina included. Yes, she even included the white binding.

My thanks to you and Gina for s great quilt to put on the clothesline in a few weeks for the Airing of the Quilts. For a preview, go to for pics of quilts to be included in this year’s event.

This quilt is for all the batik-ers that love quilts.


his quilt top is made entirely from scrap batik fabrics. Katy P in WI made this bright, bold disappearing nine-patch quilt.

I used the Suzy loops motif for the quilting with a bone-colored thread on the top and a light gray thread on the back.

The backing is from Judy C in IL. I found the batik binding in the stash just asking to be used.

Thanks to you, Katy, and Judy for the wonderful pieces to make this awesome quilt for the Airing.

WOW!!  What great tops! I’m impressed with the tops and impressed with Ray’s work!!  What a great bunch of quilts.  I love that so many hands go into making these quilts happen!!  Thanks to all who donated!  

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Wow, what gorgeous quilts, Ray. Well done to everyone who contributed to them. Good luck with the Airing of the Quilts Pile. Hope the event goes well, a lot of money is raised and goes to your chosen charity and of course, to hearing all about it with lots of photos on this blog.

    1. Linda. thank you so very much for your kind words. I am hoping that you see my reply as I would like to get some info from you. I recently discovered that a member of our church served in the RAF. He is in his mid 80’s and quite spry. Is there a program in the UK similar to the Quilt of Valor program in the US? I would love to surprise him with a British version if only I knew if and what they consisted of. Any info that you can provide will be greatky appreciated.

    1. Margaret in North Texas

      Ray, these are great finishes for the “Airing of the

      Ray these are wonderful finishes for the ” Airing of the
      Quilts”. Always love your choice of quilting motifs and backings.
      Thanks to each of those that sent the items for the pretty quilts.

  2. A bit of Spring on this snowy Iowa day is just what was I needed! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Ray and thank you for the joyous treats.

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