Community Quilts from Ray

I have quilts from Ray to share with you today.

Ray writes:
I am seeing stars, big, beautiful, batik stars with this gorgeous quilt that Gina C in NY made and sent to me.

Gina did an excellent job piecing the quilt. Check out the points and the border. The batiks really pop against the light gray background fabric. I had a light gray thread on hand that matched the background fabric and decided the star meander motif would look good.

Gina also included… the backing and binding for this quilt.

My thanks to you and Gina for a beautiful quilt with backing and binding. I can already see it flowing in the wind at the Airing of the Quilts on March 18.

Gina C. in NY has me seeing beautiful, gorgeous stars and I love it. Check out this star quilt that she made with charm squares.

The colors of the charms are great. I think they have a bit of an earthy tone to them. This would make a great man’s quilt.

Gina included the tan backing and the rich blue binding.

That blue binding really puts a great finishing touch to the quilt.

I used the stipple motif with off-white thread to minimize any visual distortion from the quilting.

My thanks to you and Gina for the materials to make this great quilt for the Airing in March.

I just finished putting the binding on this twin-size quilt from Laura.

I have no idea what the name of the pattern is, but it is a great way to use a set of 10-inch blocks. The colors and patterns are quite bold and give space to show with the large blocks. The colors were unique to what is in my stash but I found some 1-yard cuts in the stash from Deb and Pat that would work with a little help. Since the quilt was long, I used some extra blocks that came with the top to add a little more length to the backing. Besides it really makes the backing become more a part of the top.

There were so many paisley and leaf patterns in the top I decided to use the funky feather motif with off-white thread.

Awesome quilt!! My thanks to you, Laura, Deb, and Pat for the goods to make this fantastic quilt.

What a great display of quilts!!  I hope Ray takes a few pictures of the Airing of the Quilts and shares them with us.  Ray and I have been trying to figure out a way to let you all big on quilts.  Does anyone have any ideas that would help us make that happen?

Many thanks to the top makers and the fabric donators that made these quilts happen.  That includes those of you who have boughten things from the postage auctions as I recently sent a roll or batting to Ray and that came from that account.  Many hands make light work!!  THANKS.



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  1. I think this is a big block pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co. I’ve made a similar quilt using this pattern.
    Beautiful quilts!
    Love and prayers

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