Community Quilts from Ray

I have mail from Ray to share with you…

Ray writes:
It has been a while since I received any tops to long arm and donate. That bit of a break ended this week with a couple of boxes that came in the mail. Thank goodness I have been hitting the backlog of tops pretty hard again and have some room on my storage racks again. I must be honest that I do LOVE getting the quilts and seeing the creativity that goes into the tops. It really helps to regenerate me and get and keep me going.

The first two quilts are from Jeanne S. in MA.

The first one is a beautiful scrappy quilt made 2 1/2-inch squares with alternating prints and neutrals. It has the feel of Spring in it. It measures 61 x 61 and has backing with it.

Side note from Jo:  If you are interested in the quilt above, you can find more info HERE.

The second one is…
larger at 82 x 82. The blocks are also scrappy but it is set in a star-like pattern that is super to look at.

The remaining quilt tops are from Sue S. in MO.

Sue is getting me ready for the Christmas Bazaar with this adorable string quilt bordered with little Scotties in red Santa hats. It measures 62 x 68.

This is another Christmas quilt made with flannel fabrics and more little Scotties. Check out the red footprints in the border fabric. They are so cute! Sue included binding with this one. It measures 49 x 49.

Next is a sweet little quilt top in gorgeous pastel shades. I love how she incorporated the pinwheel blocks in the design. It measures 42 x 42.

The next quilt will be great for the fall season. The center block says Autumn Gatherings. The quilt is made from a wide variety of fall-colored fabrics. The binding came with this one as well. It measures 55 x 65.

Next is this scrappy little quilt that has some really small blocks in the rows with white sashing between them. Love the border. It measures 40 x 42.

Then comes a really fun quilt!! These pigs are having the time of their lives on a vacation. Lots of bold bright colors. It measures 40 x 40.

Next is a string quilt. The strings were cut and made into HSTs. I don’t think I have seen this before and it really looks great. The border has lots of great inspirational sayings. Inspiring! It measures 45 x 45.

Last but not least is this large scrap quilt. I can not even begin to imagine sewing all the scrap strips together. There has to be a lot of strips cut but still the blocks are small. Totally awesome! It measures 61 x 76.

Thank you Jeanne and Sue for these great quilts.

Wasn’t that a fun parade of quilt tops?  I so appreciate all the time and talent these quilt tops makers put into these quilts.  Ray has his cut out for him.  I can’t wait to see what Ray does with them all…he is such a talent.


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  1. Margaret in North Texas

    What a lovely array of quilts for Ray to dream about his quilting motifs to finish these . Thanks to the ladies who gave Ray the opportunity.

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