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I have quilts to share with you from Ray today.  He is busy gearing up for the big Airing of the Quilts that his church hosts in March.  So stay tuned as Ray will likely be sending lots of quilts our way.

Ray writes:

I completed a quilt that Arline H. gave to me to finish.

I love all the bright batik prints that she used for the flowers. They really pop against the blues in the background fabric. It is amazing what you can do with snowball and pinwheel blocks. It is like a breath of spring.

I debated on the motif for a long time as my first instinct was the daisy motif. But for some reason that just did not click. Then it hit me, butterflies. I used a dark blue thread so that the quilting would…

only show as the butterflies flew across the flowers.

Arline included the deep, dark blue backing as well. My thanks to you and Arline. Awesome quilt!!

I finished this interesting little quilt from the awesome Cresco ladies.

Sometimes the small quilts get tucked away in a stack of larger quilts and it is always so much fun to find one that got hidden away. The ladies evidently had some fruit fabric that they made into squares and then created an alternating block pattern with some browns. I love how it all came together.

I decided to use the double spiral motif in a dark gold thread to add some interest but not take anything away from the quilt.

I found some fruit fabric to use for the backing and could not resist the unusual combination. My thanks to you and the Cresco ladies and the backing supplier for the means to make another very special quilt.

Adele A. in UT made this gorgeous quilt and sent it to me to finish and donate. The fabric selections in this quilt are beautiful with very rich blends. She did a great job of piecing it on point. Definitely not an easy task. Adele also included the backing fabric which greatly complements the lines on the top. I went with the old standby stipple motif with off-white thread. I definitely did not want to disrupt the lines in the quilt top. My thanks to you and Adele for providing this quilt to complete and donate.

That was a great bunch.  Ray always makes the quilts shine.  He’s a real talent and we’re so lucky to have him helping us.  Many thanks to everyone who sent tops to Ray.  It’s such a blessing to have so many helpers.

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. I don’t know how Ray gets so many quilts done and he always does such a great job. All three of these are lovely but I’m really intrigued by Adele’s quilt. Can’t recall ever seeing that pattern before and it is beautiful. Great job, everyone, on all these quilts!

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Thanks ladies for supplying Ray with such beautiful quilts to finish—as always Ray selects the perfect quilting motif for each!

  3. What lovely quilts and such a nice finish to them all. I always look forward to Ray and his work. Thanks everyone for contributing.

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