Community Quilts from Ray

I have fun quilts to share with you today.  All of them are from Ray.  One of the quilts is a wonderful splash of color and the other has a wonderful story.  Grab some coffee and read along…

Ray writes:

Cheryl P. in CO. made this top and sent it to me to finish. I just got it put together.

She did an awesome job of piecing all the quarter log cabin blocks. It is so very scrappy and delightful.

I used the… Suzy loops motif to soften the look in an off-white neutral thread.

I think the back probably came from the Deb and Pat stash. My thanks to you, Cheryl and Deb, and Pat for your gracious support.

This is the epitome of a community quilt. A veteran at the Veteran’s dinner in November asked me if I could make him a quilt like one that was given to one of the vets. He went on to describe to me that it was a string quilt. I told him that there were other requests ahead of him but I thought there might be enough blocks left.

Upon doing an inventory of what I had, I determined that it would probably be doable. There was a small piece of the yardage in the center of the quilt that could be pieced to the correct size. However, there were not enough string blocks. I had several left from Maureen M in OH to start with.

Then I found some more string blocks from Sandy B in CA. They were not trimmed but were big enough that I could trim them down to the size I was using. I was still five blocks short. I now know how to make string blocks as I made the last five out of scraps that I had.

The red fabric for the border and binding came from Arline H in FL. My thanks to you, Maureen, Sandy, Arline, and untold others that provided the fabrics that the scraps came from.”

I love the story about the Quilt of Valor.  What a touching story and a huge shout out to Ray for coming through and making the quilt happen!!  Impressive.  Thanks to everyone who had a part in making these quilts happen but especially to Ray…Ray, you are truly a kind human!!

16 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Jo,I know you mentioned you have an issue of some photos not showing up. Looks like that is what happened to the Quilt of Valor photos in this post. Any chance you can show them in a future posting . . . I’d love to see the quilt after reading Ray’s story about it. Thank you.

    1. Neither of Jo’s posts from Saturday came in on her blog yesterday. I read them on her Facebook page. Pictures were also on the FB page.

      Teresa F.

      1. Teresa F., Thank you for the suggestion. I am not a facebook user. I did go to Jo’s FB site, and I could only see the first quilt. Jo, I use a mac laptop with firefox as the browser.

  2. Love the story of this quilt. Well done for following the request up, Ray and creating the lovely quilt. Have you presented the quilt to the veteran, Ray? If so I hope the recipient was impressed with your efforts. You really are a trooper, Ray.

  3. Hazel Davidson

    Recently saw a listing of folks who could use donations of fabric. One name was a person residing in The Villages, FL who quilts with a group of seniors and fabric is always needed. I could help with this need.

  4. Margaret in North Texasmj

    Ray, the color of the quilt is just beautiful and your choice of motif perfect as usual.
    Thanks to each of of your helpers who make your work so valuable!

  5. I did a little QA on the site. I wanted to let you know when I hit the site thru feedly only one picture showed up. Safari was the same way.
    However, when I hit the site thru Chrome or Firefox I was able to see all the pictures.
    I was on an iPad with up to date operating system.

    I hope this info helps with the trouble shooting. Let me know if you want anymore QA done, This was just a quick and dirty run thru. I hope that knowing it might be browser related might help.

  6. Mary in Illimois

    Try refreshing the page. It worked for me. Originally I saw only one page, and after I refreshed the page there were six!

  7. Hi Jo…. I also would love to see Ray’s quilt of valor. Could you also repost the story of Olive & Twiggy….I can’t seem to get it to load. Many thanks for all you do!

  8. Margaret in North Texas

    Beautiful quilt from Cheryl P. and as usual Ray chose the perfect motif for finishing!
    Thanks to each of you.

  9. I’ve just clicked on the “next post” tab above, then clicked on the “previous post” tab to get back to this one, and all the pictures are showing, so it’s all good!

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