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Wouldn’t you say, it’s a great day for some quilts from Ray!! He recently sent a couple of quilts to share with you and today’s the day we’re going to do that.  Ray sent these to me right at about Christmas time and I’m finally getting to sharing the quilts with you.

Ray writes:
Merry Christmas from a very cold southwest Florida, at least for us it is cold. I can still remember what cold is from living in Dubuque for a couple of years. The low last night was 38. They put out falling iguana warnings even. (Iguanas are large lizards that live in trees. When the temperature gets below 45 they go into a sleep state until it warms up again. While in the sleep state they fall out of trees because they are totally inactive.)

Since it is so cold and not much else to do, I finished a quilt that the wonderful Cresco ladies sent me.


I still have it on my bucket list to visit them one day. Any group that can put together a fun quilt like this must know how to have a great time. Everything about this quilt says, “Let’s party!!”

I used the circle meander motif because it is a fun pattern and white thread.

The backing is from Maureen M in OH.

My thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, and Maureen for the goods to make this fun quilt.

In between the holiday hustle and bustle, I finished… a charm square quilt from the Cresco Ladies in IA.

They used a rainbow pattern with block colors. It is very pretty and cheery.

I used the daisy motif with an off-white thread for the quilting.

I do not recall who sent the backing fabric but love the springy look of the flowers to go with the rainbow.

My thanks to you, the Cresco Ladies, and the backing contributor. Wonderful quilt.”

These both are very nice quilts that I am sure will be loved.  I am especially in love with the rainbow quilt that is made from charm squares.  It’s amazing how careful placement and planning can take a simple quilt to the next level.  Thanks to the Cresco Ladies and everyone who donated backing fabric to make these quilts happen.  As always a huge thanks to Ray.  He’s such a talent and so generous with his time.


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  1. Ray’s quilting was the icing on the cake for these two lovely quilts from the Cresco ladies. I love them both, but I think the first one is particularly clever. Those strips were put together in such an interesting and eye catching way. Well done everyone!

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