Community Quilts from Ray

I have community quilts from Ray to share with you today.  When Ray sent this, he was still working on Christmas and Winter quilts.

Ray writes:
“This is the last Christmas/Winter quilt from Frances C in AK.

I have a couple more quilts to finish from other blog readers and then I will be done. I am cutting close like normal.

This is a beautiful quilt with all the stars in it and the special fabrics she used to make it. I am making a BIG guess that she used a fat quarter bundle because they all coordinate so very well.

I decided to use the star meander motif with white thread on the top and silver-colored thread on the back.
The backing is from Arline H. Frances included the binding with the top and is made of the same fabric as the top.

My thanks to you, Frances and Arline. I could not have done these without your generous support.

There are certain ads that you only see during the holidays and one of those is the Coca-Cola ad with the polar bears. Well, this quilt from… Elaine C in NY with the polar bears reminds me of that ad. Those bears are so cute and their facial expressions say they are having fun.
Elaine says she does not recall the name of the pattern but it is a great pattern.

I used the star meander motif to blend in somewhat with the snowflakes.

The backing is from Arline H and really compliments the front fabrics.

My thanks to you, Elaine, and Arline for such a wonderful quilt to add to the Holiday Bazaar stack.

Yes, I just finished another top from Frances C in AK. Yes, it is another flannel top except for the few blue denim pieces. Love the bright, cheery colors of the blocks.

Because of the flowers in the one fabric design, I decided to use the daisy motif with a light-colored thread.

The backing is from the stash I received from Arline H. Frances also included the orange flannel binding to set it off.

It is a beautiful, warm, heavy quilt and ready for the Holiday Bazaar. My thanks to you, Frances, and Arline for making this quilt a reality.

I bet everyone at Ray’s church just loves seeing all of Ray’s amazing work on display.  What a great fundraiser.  As I’ve said in previous posts, Ray’s church is very active in the local community helping through various programs they have in place and helping other area programs as well.  It seems to be a church that really believes in local missions.  Isn’t that awesome??

Many thanks to everyone who has donated supplies and tops…and many thanks to the people who have purchased auction items to support the mail fund.  With that, I have purchased batting for Ray so that he doesn’t have to afford that.  It’s so wonderful that we all can support such an amazing cause.


9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. These are wonderful! Many thanks to those of you who have quilted and donated! They will be so appreciated!
    Love and prayers

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, these quilts are a beautiful addition to the Holiday Bazaar. Arline H”s stash has been very useful in completing these. Elaine and Frances C donated beautiful tops for you to quilt your “magic” on.

  3. A big thank you to Ray and Arline for the beautiful finish to the polar bear quilt – a sample I made for my local quilt shop many years ago! Also to Ray – another thank you for the wonderful finish to the Thimbleberries Cover Story quilt (child with snowman). This quilt was one of many nostalgic prints that RJR Fabrics produced around 2008, and reminds this … ahem … matutre … woman of our school’s story books. Hope the recipients love their quilts; I’m happy to have them to share! Elaine C in NY

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