Community Quilts from Ray

Ray sent emails with several quilts so it’s your luck day to get to check them all out.

Ray writes:
This beautiful top came from Cathy L in PA.

I believe the appliques are called orange peels. I have never seen them pieced together in this manner before. Love the way the Xs play off of each other. Amazing.

I used the stipple motif and bone thread so that pattern stays front and center.

The backing is from …Arline H and looks like it truly belongs with this top.
My thanks to you, Cathy and Arline for your generosity to make this quilt a reality and a part of the church bazaar.

Joan G in AR sent me this adorable flannel panel that is ideal for a baby blanket. The flannel just makes it that much more cuddly.

The flannel backing is from Joan as well.

Some more stipple motif and it is ready to keep a sweet, little baby warm. My thanks to you and Joan for the goods to make this blanket. It is sure to be a hit at the church bazaar.

Elaine C in NY sent me some tops to finish. I pulled this one out to finish for the church bazaar.

I really like this one. Maybe it is childhood memories. Maybe it is the vintage look. Maybe it is just all-around awesome! Whatever the appeal is, I love it! And it is as close to snow as I want to get. LOL!!

She added borders of coordinating fabrics to expand the center panel. The panel is everything inside the red border. It is very difficult to tell where the panel stops.

I went with the stipple motif to keep the quilting to a minimum.

Elaine included the blue Merry Christmas fabric with the top.

My thanks to you and Elaine for the materials that made this top so very special.

Sue S from MO sent me this wonderful top to finish and donate. The big, bold stars are surrounded by a bunch of jolly snowmen. What a fun little quilt!!

I decided to use the star meander motif to go with the big stars.

I found this light tan flannel for the backing in the wonderful stash everyone has generously provided.

It is sure to be a cozy quilt for the church bazaar, My thanks to you, Sue, and everyone that has supported these quilts.

These are all going to be great for the bazaar at Ray’s church.  The church has awesome outreach projects that help many in the Fort Myers area.  There are so many different ways to help with quilts.  Selling them to raise funds for other projects is a great idea!!

3 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray,you did a fabulous job on these quilt finishes. I always like your choices for quilting motifs. Thanks to you and those who sent the items. I agree about that snow staying away!

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