Community Quilts from Ray

Ray got some great quilt tops in from Cathy R and he’s finishing them up!!

Ray writes:
Cathy R, a Florida snowbird, sent me some quilts last spring. I pulled this one out of the stack to finish for the church ladies’ Holiday Bazaar in December. Remember this is Florida and dark reds and greens are not the norm. I love the great use of the charm squares and the wide sashing and border. Cathy included the backing and the binding with the top.

I decided to use a light green thread to help bring out some of the green in the quilt. The quilting motif is called Flipped on Feathers.

There is a pattern in one of the blocks that mimics the quilting motif. My thanks to you and Cathy for the resources to finish this beautiful quilt.

This is another top from… Cathy R. In case the picture is too small, it is a flannel cheater quilt.

I love the faux applique pattern and the rich applique colors and the soft background. The flannel just makes it that much softer.

I even found a flannel for the backing. It is a Christmas bear pattern.

I used an off-white thread and the stipple motif for the quilting. This one is ready for the Holiday Bazaar at church. My thanks to you, Cathy, and the backing contributor for all the fabric to make this cute, little, warm quilt.

Welcome to the wild, wild west. In the fabric from Arline was the yardage that I used to make this quilt. I saw the cowboy boots and Indian headdress fabric first. Then I came across the brown fabric for a neutral. I looked at 3 yard quilt patterns and decided to make the Pretty Simple quilt. Yes, it is pretty simple to make but really looks great with these fabrics. The backing is some Pony Express fabric. Yes, I loved to watch westerns as a kid. My thanks to you and Arline for the resources to create this awesome quilt.

Awesome quilt Ray.  Thanks to Cathy and Arline too.   These will all make great quilts for the upcoming bazaar at Ray’s church.  His church is very active in the community helping those in need.


6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Kathryn M Martin

    I love these quilts! Ray, your talent for choosing fabrics, threads, and motifs is exceptional. Anyone receiving one of your creations is truly blessed!

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, these quilts have interesting fabrics front and back. You as always do a wonderful job finishing them.
    Of course, we thank each of your “helpers”.

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