Community Quilts from Ray

I have a quilt and mail from Ray to share with you today.

Ray writes:
I am home again after a quick trip to Roseville, MN to do some Dad chores for my daughter and son-in-law. The weather was cooler and drier than it is in Fort Myers. Nice for a change but not planning another trip north until the spring thaw. LOL!!!

Right before I left for Roseville, I got a package from Patty K, in FL with some more quilt tops that she made for me to finish and donate to Quilts for Kids.

*  The first one is Tropical Sue. I love all the Sunbonnet Sues exploring the jungle.It measures 37 x 37.

*  Next is Country Time Lemonade. The blocks are from Jo K. and that Patty assembled the quilt. The quilt is on pinte which always adds just a little extra pizazz. It measures 46 x 52.

*  Then comes Orange Peels. How very appropriate with all the orange themed fabric. It measures 28 x 35.

*  The Future Farmers even have their own quilt. Look at all those veggies wrapped up in a single quilt. It measures 37 x 49.

*  Here is a unique quilt called Scrappy Cabins. What a stash buster!! It measures 55 x 65.

*  Next is Green in the Desert. Love the green cactus fabric that borders the green themed blocks. It measures 32 x 34.

*  Next is Rooster’s Barn. The fabric is from Bonnie C and is an awesome quilt for a good ‘old country boy. It measures 30 x 49.

*  The last quilt is Poppy Hill. Bonnie C supplied this fabric as well. Love that poppy growing tall and proud. It measures 32 x 50.

I received a wonderful box in the mail today from Andrea Y in NY with a wide variety of goodies in it.


First is a bunch of quarter yard cuts in gorgeous pastel colors. Those will make a wonderful quilt. I just need to find a pattern that will incorporate them. Of course I have a few quarters in the stash if I need to add to the initial group. Pattern suggestions??

Love the anchor fabric and the blue wave fabric. I have them matched up with a panel Andrea sent. More on that later,

Then there is that one lone block and some great coordinating fabric. I am going to have to put on my super creative hat and come up with a plan. I am sure it can grow into a cute little quilt.

There was also a UFO that she said a friend started and lost interest in. To me, all the hard work is done making the HSTs, All that needs to be done is assembly. Andrea said she does not know the name of the pattern that is started but thinks it is a Moda pattern. There is a block border included that was made from the same fabric. If anyone knows the name of the pattern, please share. Otherwise, I think it will be assembled in the stripe pattern that was started with the 2 assembled rows.

Now for the tops.

The first top is a beautiful, bright star quilt that measures 31 x 31 and it just might get a border added to make it a bit larger.

Next is a panel named Camp-a-Long Critters. Is that not cute!! It measures 34 x 42.

Then comes Cluck Moo Oink.  Oh so simple, yet full of fun!! It measures 36 x 42.

Next is Daydreaming with even more great animal-themed fabric. It measures 44 x 45.

The next panel is called In the Ocean and it measures 38 x 43. I am thinking that the anchor fabric would be awesome as the backing for this top and the blue wave fabric would be great for the binding,

Next is Spring Bunny. Love the colors in this panel. It measures 40 x 55.

Then comes a 24 x 44 panel with blocks with birds in the blocks. I think it may get cut apart and then used as block centers before being reassembled.Those birds are way too much fun!!

Last but definitely not least is the Off We Go panel, It measures 36 x 44. What a great baby blanket that will make!!

I finished this beautiful Around the World quilt that Linda F, in AZ. made and sent to me.

What an appropriate pattern to use for a QOV and we has service men and women around the world. The border fabric says it all with Thank You, American Hero, etc.

For the quilting motif, I stayed with the around them and selected the double swirl pattern with variegated red, white and blue thread, of course.

The backing is fun fabric with all kinds of flags in it.

My thanks to you and Linda and the backing contributor for the pieces I needed to make this very special quilt for a veteran,”

Many thanks to Patty, Andrea, and Linda for sending all of the great goodies to Ray.  Also thanks to the person who sent the great patriotic backing fabric.  It is so appreciated by Ray, myself, and the people reading the blog.  We all love hearing and seeing good news.  I sure hope Ray takes some pictures and shares them with us when he distributes the Veteran’s quilts.  That would be so fun to see.

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Those are terrific!!! Thanks for sharing!
    (Hope this is an indication that Ray made it through the hurricane unscathed…..)

  2. These quilts are darling. Very nice work!
    Ray, I am so curious about how you did in the hurricane? You were in my prayers with my friends that live down there were. I was so worried about your sewing room getting damage. Not to mention your life and limb being at risk. Did I miss your post about it? At any rate, I am happy to see that you are up and running as usual. God bless you!

  3. What a wonderful quilt show today, and I really liked the Quilt of Valor one. I have used a lot of panels for children’s quilt but the camp critters are just adorable. Nice finishes everyone.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    What a varied and interesting group of quilt tops you have received to finish Ray! Many thanks to all who donated,

  5. I have been worried about Ray as well. I sure hope this post means you did not receive much if any damage during the hurricane. Love all of the quilt tops.

  6. In case you misssed an earlier update. I am fine and received no significant damage from Ian. I live several miles inland. We had several trees and shrubs that needed landscaping attention. All of them are trimmed and staked now. We never did loose power or internet. However, we were without tap water until 6th and just got the boil order lifted on the 12th for my birthday. Thank you so much for your prayers. Please keep them coming as there are so very, very many that have lost EVERYTHING!!!

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