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A week or two ago, I got an email from Ray and in the title, it said, “Christmas 1 of 4”.  That got me excited and lead me to believe that four quilts would be coming my way.  Gradually over the course of a few days, the four quilts came.  It was so fun to anticipate their arrival in my inbox.  Today I’m treating you to all four of them.  All are Christmasy and cheery.

Here is quilt #1.  Ray writes:

This weekend was a mini-marathon of Christmas quilts. This is the first of 4 with the binding sewn on. This one came from Cheryl R. She included the top, backing, and binding.

I love the pattern she used as well as the fabric. The snowmen are adorable. I chose a snowball meander pattern for the quilting and used a bone-colored thread to pick up on the light gold highlights in the fabric.

The red candle fabric on the back is stunning.

This quilt will easily work for the holidays as well as all winter long. Thanks to you and Cheryl for this wonderful quilt to add to the donation pile.”

Here is quilt #2…

I finally got some time to put the binding on the second of four Christmas quilts. This top came from Jean in WI.

I love the wide variety of Christmas themed fabrics on the top. She used a star pattern and pulled it all together with the plaid sashing and border. I used a star meander pattern for the quilting and bone thread to blend. The backing is from Deb and Pat in FL.

Thanks to Jo, Jean, Deb, and Pat for their contributions to make a lovely Christmas quilt to donate

The binding is now on the third of the four Christmas quilts. This quilt is also from Jean in WI.

No, it is not the same quilt that I emailed you about yesterday. This one is a bit different. The pattern is the same but the fabrics are different. The backing Darlynn V, in IL was used for the backing on this one as well. I also used the same quilting pattern and thread. It is amazing how the use of different fabrics changes the look of a quilt. Thanks to Jo, Jean and Darlynn for your contributions to another quilt donation.”

This is the last of the four Christmas quilts that I recently completed. This top came from Pat K in FL.

It is a colorful, jelly roll race quilt with some Christmas fabrics mingled in here and there. The colors are warm and exciting, just like Christmas. The backing came from Ila M. in IL.

The frogs in their Santa hats just add another level of fun to the entire quilt. I chose a simple stipple stitch for the quilting with white thread.

Thanks to you, Pat and Ila for your generous contributions to this wonderful quilt to add to the donation pile.”

WOW…So fun to see some Christmas quilts.  I’m sure these will brighten the days of many over this holiday season.  As always a big shout out to Ray and the people who donated so generously to make these quilts happen.

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    All the quilts are good and Christmas like but the 2nd one from Jean I’m Wisconsin stole into my heart making it a winner. I love to combine refs and greens even if I have to wait years to get the right combinations. Wonderful job you’ve done Ray. Thanks Jo for sharing

  2. Christmas quilts are my favorite! I am always looking for Christmas yardage everytime I go out anywhere and am always excited after the holidays when the sales start so I can start buying in bulk!!!
    Absolutely love all the Christmas quilts today! Great job from our village of quilters!

  3. It is hard to pick a favorite out of this group. I love the creativeness of each one who had a hand in completing them to add to the donation pile!

  4. When I grow up I wanna’ be Ray(elle, or Rayette, or LaRay). He’s the most generous, creative, skilled quilter! Ray, you inspire me!

  5. My sincerest thanks to Jo and and all her readers and quilters for all your kind remarks and complements. You are ALL the GREATEST!! Merry Christmas and a Yappy New Year!!!

  6. Beautiful quilts, and Rays quilting definitely shows them off. I love the community efforts behind the quilts. It seems to make things easier when quilt tops are sent directly to Ray, therefore cutting postage for you, Jo. I’ve been busy making a quilt for each of my 39 nieces and nephews but when I’m done I will make and donate tops too.

  7. What wonderful quilts and such great fabric choices and perfect stitch pattern from Ray. Puts me in a festive mood.

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