Community Quilts from Ray

Hello and happy Thursday.  I have community quilts to share with you from Ray.  I always love community quilt posts.

Ray writes:
Veteran’s Day will be here before I know it and I am trying to get a head start on Quilts of Valor for a presentation at church again this year. Before I tell you about the first quilt, let me give you some background. A few weeks ago I dropped off my sewing machine at the quilt store for routine service. While we were there they had a few new, smaller machines with introductory embroidery capabilities marked way down to clear room for new models. I had toyed with the idea of embroidery but decided I really did not have the time.

Well, Steve, my partner, decided he needed a sewing machine so he could learn to sew. We now both have a sewing machine and this quilt is his second quilt.

He is learning and I am trying to teach. In trying to determine what and how to teach him, I came across a partial jelly roll of patriotic fabrics and decided he could practice a quarter inch.

After a bit of sewing and ripping and resewing, he made this quilt. He also added the border and did the binding. Using the rotary cutter lesson will be on another day. I did the longarming with his assistance.

I went with the Suzy loops motif because of the pattern on the back. Good job, Steve!!


I received a wonderful email from… Jen B in IA a while ago. She had been to a rummage sale and bought a LOT of fabric. More than she needed or wanted and checked to see if I would like some. Of course, I said yes. Well, the box came in the mail and it had a LOT of fabric in it.

The first group was red heart prints as well as a lot of pink ribbon prints. I have a nice stack started for a breast cancer quilt and or a Valentine’s Day quilt. Now the stack is much better.

The second group is a bunch of Easter/Spring fabrics. I feel another quilt coming on.

The third group is Major League Baseball fabric. OMG!! These will make up into a bunch of quilts for boys, big and small. The Twins and Red Sox both have spring training camps here.

Thank you Jen.”

It’s a good thing Ray’s getting fabric and goodies.  Now we’ll have two quilters to supply if Steve takes to quilting like Ray does.  HA!!  So fun to have two quilting!!  Many thanks to Jen and Steve for joining the crew of community quilt supporters.



7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Love the backing on your Veterans quilt Ray- You always do such an awesome job. Love seeing all the quilts being created. Earlier Jo I saw your post with the Hopscotch quilt. That’s a very intriguing pattern. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful works of art.

  2. Girls and women love baseball too. We have got to stop putting people in categories. I have both sexes of kids and grands. All have played nurse, dolls, nerf guns and war. Please

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, your sewing partner made a great beginning–a beautiful patriotic quilt! Jen– so thoughtful of you to remember Ray’s need for fabric. You found some very pretty fabrics.

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