Community Quilts from Ray

Ray sent me three emails full of great pictures and projects.  I’m sharing them with you today.

Ray writes:
I just realized I had finished this cute little quilt from Patty K, in FL, and had forgotten to send it to you. I love how Patty created the checkerboard center and then added multiple borders to make it bigger and bigger. Such a fun little quilt!!

I used the daisy motif with white thread to add a few more flowers to the quilt.

I found a piece of pink fabric to use for the backing.

This quilt is off to… the ladies that finish the quilts for Quilts for Kids. My thanks to you, Patty, and these wonderful ladies. Some little girl is going to love this quilt!

I received the most wonderful box of quilt tops from Sue S. in MO.I have been oohing and awing over them this evening and now I get to share them with you. Her card in the box says a friend gave her a ton of homespun that she is trying to use up but it seems to keep growing. Love it!!

The first 4 tops are made from that homespun fabric and Sue made these really earthy and warm tops from that fabric. I am guessing the tops are of her own design. Please make sure you check out the Scotties in some of the fabric. She has three of them.

The first one is 45 x 53. I love how she used the neutral fabric to set off the pieces of homespun.

The second one is 45 x 56 and is made of blocks.

The third one is rather small but very cute at 35 x 39. Love the stripped cornerstones.

The last one is 47 x 50. Love the interest in the vertical strip and horizontal strips and the column of blocks.

Next is an adorable winter quilt. Love the play of the dark red stars and the jolly snowmen with the dark blue background. Christmas is coming… It measures 44 x 44.

The next quilt utilizes leftover strips by slicing and turning. Love it. It measures 46 x 47.  Check out the fun-loving Scotties. Wow.
Check out the on-pointe setting. It measures 40 x 40.

Love the creative use of string scraps in this quilt. It measures 51 x 51.

Thanks Sue.”

Well, Ray has his work set out for him.  Hopefully, he can load those homespun quilts side by side and knock them out in no time.  It’s nice to have quilts that can use the same backing fabric so they can be loaded that way and save a lot of time!

Many thanks to Sue, her friend that donated scraps, Patty, and of course, Ray.  It’s so great to have so many helpers on the team!


3 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Very interesting quilts! The first one is so cute and I sure like Ray’s quilting motif! Thanks to all who contributed to these quilts.

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    I love the pink polka dot backing. The string quilt set on-point is interesting. Nice work everyone!

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