Community Quilts from Ray

Wow…Ray has been on a roll.  I think it’s the lull in between snowbirds leaving and coming that has allowed him extra time to work on some community quilts.

Ray writes:
“Just put the binding on this snuggly quilt that Cheryl P in CO sent me.

The fabrics that she used in the top are awesome. Love the soft as well as the bold colors. It makes you feel like being at home at Grandmothers.

From what I can tell the pattern is based on 5″ blocks. Looks like a fun quilt to make and could use up a lot of scraps and leftovers.

I decided to go with the stipple stitch and white thread to complement the gentle pattern in the quilt.

The backing fabric was… in the supply sent to me by a much-appreciated source.

My thanks to you, Cheryl, and all the backing suppliers for your efforts in making this wonderful quilt.

I loved how well the previous quilt turned out from Cheryl P in CO, so I decided to finish another one. This one is a variation of a rail fence pattern.

The blocks are all 4 x 6 with some having 2 strips and some having 3 strips. Lots of interest in the pattern as well as a wonderful selection of fabrics. Gorgeous quilt.

Because of the significant number of florals in the top, I decided to use the daisy motif with white thread.

The green backing is from Stoney M.

My thanks to you, Cheryl, and Stoney for the ingredients for this very special quilt.

These were both great quilts and great scrap buster quilts.  One time my daughter Kelli and I went to a quilt retreat.  There was a lady there in front of us that said she hated all of her scrap quilts and always gave them away.  Oh my.  Everyone has their own taste but I LOVE these.  Scrap quilts just like these are my favorite.  Great work Cheryl and Ray…and many thanks to those who donated backing fabrics too!!

4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Scrappy quilts are so often very beautiful. Many quilters do such amazing jobs of putting all the scraps together. Thanks to all for these very great quilts, and thanks Ray for quilting them.Kate

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    It’s always a treat to see the quilts that are sent to Ray! Thanks to all for these nice finishes.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    It’s always a treat to see the quilts that are sent to Ray! Thanks to all for these beautiful finishes.

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