Community Quilts from Ray

I have some great quilts to share with you from Ray.

Ray writes:
I wanted to share with you this beautiful quilt that Sharon J. sent to me to finish.
The stars with the adorable pink rose buds are precious.  I can just see some cute little girl curled up under it taking her afternoon nap or playing with her dolls under a big shade tree. I love this quilt. I decided the rose buds needed some butterflies for the motif in a bone-colored thread.

The backing is from Colleen M in MN. and also has little rose buds in the fabric. Thanks to you, Sharon, and Colleen for all the special touches to make this wonderful quilt.

I managed to find… sometime to get a little quilt finished today. So I grabbed one of Patty K’s quilts and got it done.

Besides that, the ladies that are assisting with finishing her quilts are caught up with me. I really appreciate their assistance and want to make sure I can keep them supplied.

This is a cute little disappearing nine-patch quilt.

There were a lot of leaves in the fabrics so I decided to go with the trillium leaf motif. I used a bone-colored thread on top to stay as neutral as possible and light green on the back to blend in with the backing.

I do not recall who sent the backing but thank you so very much. My thanks to you, Patty, the backing provider, and the finishing ladies for your assistance with this quilt on its way to Quilts for Kids.


Patty K. sent me this quilt top that she calls Funny Farm.

It is a cut of fabric with cute little farm animals with cute little expressions.

I used the stipple motif with white thread on top……and light green on the back.

The back was busy enough without adding another color. It is an adorable quilt in its own special way. Thanks to you, Patty, and the finishing ladies for creating another quilt for Quilts for Kids.

Many thanks to Ray, Sharon, and Patty…and to any of you who might have sent fabric that made these quilts come to life.  A big shout out also to the gang that binds these quilts for the Quilts for Kids program.  It’s just wonderful to have so many people pitching in to help!!



3 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    More wonderful finishes–thanks Ray along with all your helpers. I always love the thought you put into each quilt.

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