Community Quilts from Ray

I have mail to share with you from Ray.  He’s on a roll finishing quilts right and left.

Who let the dogs out??? Love this cute, little dog quilt.
The dog fabric is adorable and Patty K. in FL did a wonderful job of coordinating fabrics and creating the pattern. It really shows off the dogs.

Patty also included the coordinating fabric for the back.

I went with the… stipple quilting motif and white thread so that the dogs would stay front and center. Another wonderful quilt for Quilts for Kids. My thanks to you and Patty for the special quilt and to the Quilts for KIds ladies for finishing it.

I wanted to share another quilt finish from a tops sent to me by Patty K. in FL. Patty called this quilt USA Building Blocks. I like the simple but interesting pattern that she used. It definitely says USA with the red, white and blue fabrics.

She used a white star on red fabric for the sashing and had enough left for me to use as the backing.

The quilt is busy but I couldn’t help myself and used the star meander motif for quilting (What are a few more stars???) and white thread to tone it down some.

Fantastic, patriotic quilt for Quilts for Kids. My thanks to you and Patty for the makings of another special quilt.

I finished another quilt from Patty K. She calls it Red Surprise.

I am assuming the name is because all the stars are blue except for one red surprise star. Love the twinkle in the stars.

I took a different route and went with a stipple motif and red/white/blue variegated thread.
I think it came out looking great, especially the solid red backing.

My thanks to you and Patty for another wonderful quilt for Quilts for Kids.”

Ray included pictures of the tops that were sent to him.  You can see them below…

I love the tops, Patty.  GREAT job!

They were great tops but I wanted to point out all the work that Ray does…the tops are ironed.  Backs are pieced.  Backing is selected.  All the rejected backings have to be put away.  Backing, batting, and top all loaded…thread and motif selected.  Bobbins wound.  Then the actual machine quilting.  Remove the quilt…and still more.  All the leftovers put away, binding selected cut and put on…pictures were taken and note written to me.

There are a lot of steps to Ray’s volunteer work.  I am so thrilled that the Quilts for Kids group volunteers to bind the quilts so it’s one thing off Ray’s plate…more than that, I’m thankful to Ray and the other volunteer finishers for all the work they put into these quilts.

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Thanks for listing out all the steps that Ray does with each quilt. They appear like magic on your blog, but it is good to recognize all the work behind that magic! Thank you Ray!

  2. It makes my day to see the beautiful quilts ! These quilts are touched by many hands to reach the final step. This is an amazing mission.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    The patriotic quilts are so special but the doggie one is cute. Ray, again thanks for all the time you give to the finishes along with that of Patty!! Team work in action.

  4. I feel your mole pain. We have tried EveryThing and nothing worked until….
    Yes this is gross but it works. We tamp down all the tunnels. First thing next AM we look for fresh tunnel or “bump”. We stick the hose deep into the hole and blast water thru and let the water run. If you have the correct tunnel the mole will eventually come swimming out. One whack with the shovel and it is gone.

  5. Judith M Fairchild

    What a lovely fun batch of quilts. Thanks to all of you for your part of the joy we have when we see the finished quilts and hear a bit of the story behind them.

  6. So glad that Ray puts his talents to good use for all the community/charity quilts. I know, I for one, in glad to contribute! Thanks Ray, and all the others on the team!

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