Community Quilts from Ray

I have more goodies from Ray.  He’s been busy even though he ended up with Covid.  What a blessing that he got a milder case!!

Ray writes:
“I finished another quilt from Patty K. in FL.

Love all the improv stars in the top. They just seem to sparkle. The print fabric in the sashing and border really helps to set the stars off as well.

I really did not want to go with the star meander motif and compete with the quilt pattern. I then looked a bit more at the print fabric and noticed all the leaf patterns in that fabric. I decided to go with the Trillium leaf pattern and then went out on a limb and used a variegated thread.. I like it.

The quilting blends well with the fabric. Patty included a piece of the print fabric that I combined with a teal fabric in the stash to make the backing.
My thanks to you and Patty and the Quilts for Kids ladies who will be finishing the quilt and donating it. Beautiful quilt!

Sally R in IL contacted me about… donating a quilt top that she had made. Of course, I accepted it and it arrived in the mail today. It is a beautiful, well-made sampler quilt. I do not know if it is a BOM or a QAL. A wonderful combination of colors and designs. I already found a black marble fabric wide back to use for the backing. It measures 72 x 90. Going to be awesome!!

I am working on small quilts while I work on recuperating. This is a recent quilt from Patty K in FL. that she sent to me to finish and donate to Quilts for Kids. There is a chapter in the Fort Myers area and I happen to do some personal quilts for a couple of ladies in the group. Small world.

They are wonderful to work with and are willing to trim and bind the quilts after I long arm them. Yeah!!

Patty calls the quilt Cowgirl Power. I think it is awesome. Nancy F, supplied her with the sashings and inner border fabric. Patty also pieced the backing for the quilt and inserted some cowgirls on the back. After much internal debate, I decided to go with Suzy’s Loops for the motif and to use a variegated thread. I really like the end result and know that this quilt will be a special treat for some young girl.

My thanks to you, Patty, and Nancy for the makings of a wonderful, special quilt.”

Great news that Ray has helpers with the Quilts for Kids program!!  It’s awesome that they will trim up the quilts and bind them.  It takes a load off Ray and frees him up for more time at the longarm.  AWESOME!!  I love that as the charity quilt program goes on, we keep adding volunteers that make the load a little lighter on everyone!!

I would still love to find a few more people willing to do some longarming.  If that could be you, feel free to drop me a note.  Remember, any quilt that you finish, you can go on and donate to whatever charitable group or benefit that you want to support.  Here is my email.  THANKS…




4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Very nice quilts! Thanks to Ray, Patty, and Sally for donating all these quilts. Thanks to Jo, too, for her part in this program.

  2. Always love Ray’s finishes. So thoughtful in choices for backing as needed, stitching motifs, and thread selections to highlight and make every quilt unique. His descriptions are well written and informative. I especially enjoy his decision making process for each step towards the finish. Thank you to Ray, and all who donate to him, and to Jo for making all of this possible.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, you always put your heart and soul into finishing all these beautiful quilt tops!! Thanks again for the effort you expend and the ladies who send items to you.

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