Community Quilts from Ray

Ray had some mail to share today…Patty K in Florida is working hard to keep Ray in quilts to use for the Quilts for Kids program.

Ray writes:
Earlier this week I received a box in the mail from Patty K. in FL. It was packed with all kinds of goodies for me to share.

1) The first quilt immediately grabbed my attention with all the farm tractors and implements, ATV’s and more. Love the triple border that she attached. I almost had to go get some toys to play with. It measures 34 x 34.

2) The second quilt totally put me over the top with more tractors and machinery. I definitely need to pull out some of my farm fabric and get me some farm boy quilts made for the sewing room. This one measures 31 x 35.

3) The next quilt Patty calls Dog Park. Love all the cute little puppies in the quilt. Awesome pattern that she used. Very unique. It measures 33 x 37.

4) Next was a panel quilt kit titled Flower Basket. Beautiful! It measures 35 x 50.


5) Next out of the box was an I Spy quilt. Lots of fun fabrics in it. It measures 37 x 37.

6) Next was a tulip quilt. Really sweet. It measures 26 x 26.

7) I just love the names she gives her quilts. This one is called Plaids-R-Us. Lots and lots of plaid fabrics. It measures 32 x 41.

8) Next was a quilt Patty calls Crazy 8th’s. I definitely understand the crazy part as it is most unique. It measures 39 x 44.

9) The last quilt is called Doggy in the Window. Very appropriate! Love all the dogs set in a block in a block pattern. It measures 34 x 34.

If that was not enough Patty included some yardage that she ordered and did not like once she received it. She did not realize that it was a metallic fabric when she ordered it. I am going to have fun pairing that with just the right quilt. Also included was a super sweet cloth book,  Because I love you.


Thanks, Patty!

Patty likes to keep busy making quilt tops for the Quilts for Kids program.  If anyone has fabric that is kid-friendly, Patty would happily take it.  Maybe you have a few things in your stash that you meant to make for a grandchild, but now the grandchild isn’t little anymore, it would be awesome if you would send it to Patty and she can make it up for Quilts for Kids.  Here is Patty’s email address.  Feel free to contact her and get her address.



4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    I especially like the “Dog Park”, Flower Basket” and the tulip quilts. Beautiful –thanks Patty for your dedication. Will wait for Ray to add his magic touch to all of these!!

  2. Thank you for finishing the quilts and all the hard work you put into it. I am glad you are feeling better!
    And thanks for the heads up about wanting kids’ fabrics! Two people have contacted me already! I am so thrilled! What a wonderful community to belong too.

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