Community Quilts from Ray

I have gotten so many finished quilts in lately so today I decided I better share some so you can be treated to the fun of seeing them too.  Today’s quilts are from Ray.

He writes:

I just finished putting the binding on this quilt from Joann C. in CA.. This is the last of the initial group of tops that you sent me in the spring. Because of the Christmas theme and lack of suitable backing, I set it back to complete later. Later is now here.

It is a wonderful quilt and Joann does a fantastic job of piecing. I used white thread for the quilting and a pine tree pattern to go with the trees in the quilt.

The backing is from Darlynn V. in IL. I am sure this quilt will bring back many happy memories to some lucky recipient.

Many thanks to Jo, Joann, and Darlynn for their contributions to a super community quilt.”

Just finished putting the binding on this quilt…

The top was from Cresco ladies. I thought it needed a border so I added the green border. Later I received the fabric for the backing from Beth L in FL and decided it was perfect for the quilt. I used a daisy pattern for the quilting and white thread. I think it is really cute and has a light, springy look.

Another great quilt to add to the donation pile.

Many thanks to Jo, the Cresco ladies, and Beth L. for their contributions for this community quilt.”

The rainy, stormy weather has kept me in and I completed another quilt. This is another top by the Cresco ladies.

It is a neat, fun quilt that catches your eye. I had a hard time deciding what pattern to use to quilt it. The answer lied in the fabric with the dark blue butterflies. I used the butterfly quilting pattern with a navy blue thread. Wow! Did it ever make the quilt pop!

The backing came from Pat and Deb in FL and continued with the outdoors theme and the shades of blue. I really like the end result.

Thanks to Jo, the Cresco ladies, Deb, and Pat for your contributions to make this community a beautiful quilt.”

Jo talking now…
When Ray says the quilting made it pop.  He is so right.  Here is the original top.  It was a cute top but I had no idea how this was really going to be quilted…Ray did an AMAZING job!!

Thanks so much to everyone who made these quilts happen.  This is awesome seeing them all finished!!

10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. I am always amazed/astounded at the quilts that come from “parts” of everyone! Original quilter, Jo for passing things to the appropriate people, quilters who donated fabrics they no longer loved to those that can incorporate them, then the longarmer that frosts them so beautifully! Many hands make light work!!!
    Bravo to all! Hugs,

  2. The bird quilt was the absolute best this time. Great job bordering and quilting Ray. The Christmas quilt was so good. I like how you match the quilting to the theme of the quilt. Thanks to everyone who participated in the making and giving from the heart to those who need the warmth.

  3. Cherie in St Louis

    Community quilts really live up to the name! Seems like there are at least 4 , and many times more, people contributing to each one. So wonderful you have taken on the ring master roll, Jo! Many will benefit from your efforts :)

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