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Good news all, Ray is on the mend and back at it things full force.  Happily, Covid didn’t keep him down for long.  He has sent many quilts and mail hauls to share so today, I’m sharing part of them with you.

Ray writes:
I just finished long arming this beautiful Hydrangea quilt from Patty K. I really love the fabric that came in the kit.

From what I can find out, it uses layer cakes that are cut up and reassembled to make the blocks. Very interesting. Definitely a lot of cutting and piecing.

Included were the matching teal backing and purple binding. Fabrics are from Nancy F. in FL.

Because there was so much activity in the blocks, I went with the stipple motif.

I found a blue thread that blended well on the front and a green thread for the back. Gorgeous, eye-catching quilt. My thanks to you, Nancy, and Patty for the ingredients for this special quilt for Quilts for Kids

I received… another box of quilts from Patty K, in FL today.

1) Paty calls this Goodness can not be crated up. These are rays of goodness coming from the center of the quilt. It is a string-type quilt and measures 46 x 46

2) Next is a big arrow quilt. Nancy K. the blocks and Patty assembled the quilt and made the pillowcase to go with the quilt. Great pattern. It measures 46 x 59.

3) Then comes Aquamarine Friends. See the mermaid in one corner and the seahorse in another corner. Cute quilt. It measures 38 x 42.

4} Next is Dream Big. Love the tropical animals in the center cut and the farm animals in the border, Great kid’s quilt. It measures 45 x 51.

5) Then comes the Funny Farm quilt. Love all the kid jokes in the fabric. Patty included a piece of the fabric to use in the backing if desired. She also made a miniature fabric book out of some of the extra fabric blocks. It measures 31 x 39.

6) The last quilt is Cupcakes. Don’t they look delicious!! She included some additional blocks. I think they may get added to the assembled quilt to make it a bit larger. I did find some solid colored peach fabric to use for a border and backing. It currently measures 45 x 45.

Thank you Patty.”

Many thanks to Ray and all the people who have sent him goodies.  It’s such a blessing to me to have so many of you chipping in and making the community quilt project so successful.



7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. WOW interesting quilts especially the Goodness one. Beautiful colors in the first one. Thanks Ray and Patty.

  2. Ann Marie Drop

    Goodness is intriguing ~ so much to see. The rest ~ oh, the talent to produce these tops. I cam imagine the joy of the recipients.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    A beautiful group of quilts! The joy of your work Patty & Ray, will come when these are received. Thank you!

  4. That crazy quilt style is so cool. A picture of the back would have been interesting. I’m wondering how it was constructed. Nice quilts all in all!

  5. Angie in SoCal

    Those are great quilts, Ray and all who helped in their creation. I enjoy your posts of charity quilts, Jo. Keep up the good work.

  6. Sharon Browne

    I love that Arrow quilt! Does anybody know where I can find the pattern? I’ve never seen it before. Thanks.

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