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Ray has been super busy and I think you’re going to love what he sent to share.  First a personal note from Ray and then a mail call…

Ray writes:
After a trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul to do some “Dad chores” for my daughter and her fiance and delivery of their wedding present, I can share with you the quilt I made for them.
Their wedding colors are dusty blue and ballet pink. The pattern is Shuttered and then I added the triple border and the eccentric star corner blocks.

The quilting is a stipple motif with white thread.

I am pleased with how the quilt finished and they loved it.

As I emailed you a little earlier today, I have been in…the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for the last few days. When I came home, there were two wonderful packages waiting for me. One was from Patricia S, in LA, and the other from Joan G., in AR.

Patricia sent me this big quilt top made from stirrups and set in a diamond pattern. Love all the bright, bold fabrics in it. It measures 53 x 83.

She also sent me a selection of improv blocks that she no longer wanted and thought I could create something. The heart block is so special and will make a great center to add border upon border.
The other blocks are going to be a bit more of a challenge but I am sure I can come up with something.

Joan sent me this adorable panel with the bears flying on a dragon that is flannel. Joan also included several cuts of pastel flannels that can be used for the backing of baby quilts. She also included a couple of projects that had been started but not finished of bold colored 5-inch squares. There were also a couple of cuts with more brightly colored fabric. How bold can we go?? Time will tell.

Thank you Patricia and Joan for your generosity.”

I love the wedding quilt.  WOW.  That’s a great quilt, Ray.  I’m sure your daughter and her husband will treasure it.  I laugh when you say your piecing needs improving.  I think everyone reading this will say, you’re doing great.  We all wish we could piece as well.

On a side note…I think I know the pattern for the Mosaic quilt that Patricia sent.  It is a Quilted Twins free pattern that can be found by scrolling their free pattern page HERE.

Many thanks to Patricia and Joan.  Your generosity is much appreciated!!

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Judith M Fairchild

    Thanks Jo for sharing Ray’s post the wedding quilt is super cool. That brilliant bold stripe would make a good sashing with those brilliantly colored blocks. Have fun Ray.

  2. First, love the color combo in rays wedding quilt! And Jo, you share such a wealth of info. I fell in love with the bright scrappy quilt that was donated to Ray. And yes, it is on the website, called mosaic variation. And they have a slew of free patterns!!! Thanks sooo much!

  3. Ray, Are you sure about the name for the wedding quilt? When I looked for it there isn’t anything that looks like yours. I love it!

  4. WOW is right! The wedding quilt is beautiful, love the colors. The other quilts will be beautiful once
    Ray works his magic.

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, I really like the wedding quilt you made for your daughter, beautifully done. I especially like the star corners— they add so much! Thanks Patricia and Joan –You keep Ray’s mind churning for ideas for more wonderful finishes! A win win for all.

  6. Ray love the quilt you made for your daughter,I also love to quilt,and have not seen fabric I don’t liked.

  7. Ann Marie Drop

    In the second photo Ray refers to stirrups. I have not heard of these and when I look it up I do not find anything that resembles the the pieces in this pattern. Could someone help me to locate a description?

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