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I have a couple of emails from Ray to share with you.  Most of you are so great about sending tops directly to Ray to save on postage money and my time.  I so appreciate it.  So…it’s a big treat for me to see the quilts from Ray as with most of them, it’s the first time I’ve seen them.

Ray writes:

“I wanted to share this cute little quilt with you.

Judy M. in OH made this top and sent it to me along with several others.

A friend of a friend, Diane S. long-armed it for me as she does long arming on smaller quilts. She did a wonderful job.

I had her use some backing from the stash generated by your blog readers.

All I had to do was trim and bind. Love how it turned out and is so appropriate for spring tulips. My thanks to you, Judy, and Diane for making this wonderful quilt.

Judy M. made this… adorable scrappy quilt.

I am always amazed at the creativity that goes into the fabric selections. Great combination of blues and neutrals.

Diane S. long-armed this quilt as well. Hope she can do some more when she returns in the fall.

I really like the blue backing that came from the stash. All I had to do was trim and bind.

This will make a great baby boy blanket. My thanks to you, Judy, and Diane for creating this super little quilt.”

Ray also had some mail to share.

Ray writes:
Jeanne S. in MA emailed me that she had a bunch of miscellaneous blocks and some fabric. She would mail it to me if I wanted it. Of course, I said yes and now I get to share the treasures she sent with you. The box was packed with all kinds of great stuff.

First is a group of pieced blocks. Most of them are assembled in nice rows. The mittens need to be assembled yet. I know very little about them but they remind me of a Lori Holt type of quilt project. I just need to get it to one of my ladies to review it and get it assembled. I think it will be a beautiful quilt when complete.

Next was a nice selection of fabrics. Below that is autumn. There are 3 pumpkins and 2 leaf blocks, Could be a small quilt or it could be a nice table runner. The bottom is a couple of fabrics that would make a couple of cute baby blankets from the Winnie the Pooh cheater cloth.

Next is a group of appliqued blocks that need a creative eye to assemble in a Farmers’ Market quilt. I can’t wait to see that when it gets done.

Last is a variety of applique blocks. I have not gotten a theme for them yet but I am sure they have the potential for something special.

Here is a top from Patty P. in WI. She emailed me looking for a home for this beautiful UFO that she has been working on for an extended period of time. She was so happy to know that I could get it to a hand piecer to finish it. She was afraid that all her work would end up in the trash. Along with the top she included blocks that are ready to attach as well as fabrics that have been cut and are ready to be put together. It is gorgeous and very well pieced.

Next is a box from Karen G. in OH. She also has a number of UFOs that she is glad to have rehomed as well as some smaller pieces of fabric. In the top left corner is a stack of flannels. The top right corner is a bunch of miscellaneous cuts with some fall cuts on top. There were 3 bags of odds and ends. Bottom right are some star blocks and some heart applique pieces on some neutral fabrics. The bottom left are some batik blocks that I think can be put together to make an Irish chain quilt. Above that are some QOV blocks. Lots of great potential in all of this for some more quilt tops.

Thank you all for your generosity.

WOW…hasn’t Ray been busy getting mail and finishing quilts?  Thanks to the many of you who have been sending goodies directly to finishers.  I so appreciate it.  If you are ever wondering who to send goodies to, I can help with that.  Simply send pictures to me and I will suggest a finisher to contact.

I love all that gets done through the community quilts project.  Many thanks to all involved.  You are a blessing.


5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Judith M Fairchild

    Oh that farmers market quilt and the fairy tale quilt would be a fun challenge. The fairy tale quilt needs at least 3 more applique blocks to be balanced right. I so want to volunteer. Thanks Jo and Ray for a lovely wakeup blog

  2. Such cute quilts and grand ideas for quilting motif. I’m glad to hear there is someone willing to finish some hand pieced old blocks my friend gave me. Enjoy the cool weather that has finally blessed us.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, getting mail is so fun at your house– many interesting items to decide the future for! Thanks for all the time and effort you expend as well as all those who send goodies.

  4. What great boxes in your mail and I know they will get finished and loved by someone, quilters are so generous.

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