Community Quilts from Ray

I have emails from Ray to share with you today.

Ray writes:
Over the weekend it turned cold for a couple of days. We had been in the upper 80s and then suddenly dropped to lows in the low 40s. I know that is not a big deal to most of the USA but it is down here. It is spring break time and should be warm and sunny every day. I am going to blame the cold front on completing this adorable Olaf quilt.

A blog reader sent me some Olaf fabric and immediately knew that I needed to make a quilt out of it.

Donna Robertson came out with a new 3-yard quilt pattern called Boomerang that I decided would show off the Olaf fabric well. It is a little late in the winter season to find much in the way of coordinating fabric. So I decided to use 2 yards of the snowflake fabric.

I used the circle meander motif for quilting and renamed it snowball meander.

One more quilt for the Airing of the Quilts on March 19. My thanks to you and the blog reader for the inspiration for this quilt. I am sure its new home soon awaits.

Ray has mail to share.  He writes:
Patty K. in FL. says she is having the time of her life sewing quilt tops and sending them to me to finish. Patty contacted me about donating tops but was also needing fabric. Fortunately, Nancy F. lives close to Patty and was willing to share some of her stash with Patty. Patty sends notes with most if not all of her tops that she mails to me.

*  This is a kit from Maywood Studio that Nancy gave Patty. It is an Irish Chain quilt that measures 32 x 43. The floral prints are roses. It will make an adorable girl’s baby blanket.

* Patty found this kit on eBay and bought it. She says it was quick and easy to put together. Love all the bright colors. It measures 38 x 38.

* This is a scrap strip quilt that she put together. What a wide selection of fabrics!

This is a stack and whack quilt the Patty calls Fall Sunrise because of the colors in the top. Great combination. It measures 35 x 41.

*  Patty has a great imagination. She calls this one Chinese Chopsticks. Love all the chopsticks laying on the plates. It measures 46 x 46.

*  Check out this I Spy quilt for a girl. Lots and lots to look at and for in this top. It measures 42 x 43.

*  USA Building Blocks quilt. She says it is her least favorite. I like it. Check out all of the patriotic fabrics in it. Love the red star sashing fabric. It measures 43 x 47 and includes red star fabric for the backing/

* King Arthur’s Carousel is the name of this quilt,  She says she “won” the embroidered blocks on eBay. WOW!! This is her favorite quilt. Beautiful. It measures 31 x 40.

Many thanks to Patty and Nancy.

All of the quilt tops are so sweet.  I’m sure Ray will whip them up into beauties.  Many thanks to everyone who donated and of course Ray for all he does!

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. I’m going to check back later because the pictures are largely blank. Only 2 (the chopsticks and Olaf ) pictures came through :(

  2. Judith Fairchild

    The Olaf and caramel quilts are absolute winners. My grands,are to big for the sizes but would love the quilts.

  3. Well done Ray,, looking forward to seeing pics of the “Airing of the quilts” , gives everyone inspiration.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Its so wonderful that Patty and others give Ray these quilts to apply his “magic” into beautiful finishes! Thanks to all involved.

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