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I am catching up on my emails from Ray.  Here are three separate ones I put together and am sharing with you today…

Ray writes:
I normally try to finish the tops that I have had the longest first. In my old accounting lingo — first in, first out. I must admit I do deviate from that strategy from time to time for a wide variety of reasons. As I was getting quilts together for the upcoming Airing of the Quilts in March, I was looking at what was finished and thinking about what was unfinished that would be good to add to the group.

I came across this top from the Cresco ladies that was made from Pink Ribbon fabric and decided it would be a great addition. In the midst of long arming the quilt, Steve informed me that Pat, a neighbor, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

I immediately decided that Pat needed this quilt much more than the Airing and it is to be delivered to her with best wishes from a whole lot more people than she can ever begin to imagine.

I found the pink polka dot fabric in the stash (sorry I have totally lost track of who sent what backing) to use for the backing and selected the pink thread and the heart motif. My thanks to you, the Cresco ladies and all the blog readers for all you do for so very, very many. I am sure you join with me in wishing the best for Pat and all that have, are, and will be touched by breast cancer.

I finished this cute little quilt today.  To me…
it is so adorable.

Love all the little animals in some of the blocks and the border. I believe this is a disappearing 9 patch that really shows off the print blocks very well.

I used a bone-colored thread and the stipple stitch so I would not take away anything from the quilt with the quilting.

I found this green leaf print fabric and decided it was what the little animals needed to keep them safe.

I can not find a name on the top anywhere so I do not know who made it, sorry. My thanks to you and your blog readers for the top and the backing for another special quilt.

The Cresco ladies sent me this top via you.

I think they were having a bit of fun with the farm boy. Little did they know that my Mother used to hang a car seat on the manger and put me in it while she milked the cows. I am positive that it was quite an ordeal. I have always liked dairy cows. Maybe that is why. And I dearly love these Holsteins.

I believe the larger pieces in the backing came in the same package as the top. It took me some time to figure out the best way to use them to create the back. I am personally calling it my best creative backing so far.

I decided to use the daisy motif with white thread for the quilting.

Elsie, the Borden cow, always wore a daisy around her neck. My thanks to you and the Creso ladies for the making of this fun quilt and the trip down memory lane.

By the way, this quilt is one of several that will be at the Airing of the Quilts.

These were some fun and meaningful quilts in this installment.  It’s amazing how one never knows where the quilt tops they make will land.  Isn’t it a wonderful coincidence that the breast cancer quilt came to Ray at just the perfect to time bless his neighbor?  Its little things like this that happen that to me are the miracles busy people miss.  

9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. I agree that it is truly amazing that sometimes the stars align and miracles do happen like the Ray and Pat event. I do wish the best outcome for Pat. I grew up on a MN holstein dairy farm so I thought the cow quilt as so cute. Ray one busy person long arming all those qults.. thanks Ray for all you do.

  2. I really love the creative backing, what a great way to use up what you have. Thank you, Ray, for thinking of Pat and gifting the breast cancer quilt to her, may she feel the prayers for healing.

  3. Such great quilts! I, too, grew up on dairy farm but in Michigan and holsteins were our cows, so that quilt was special to me. Thanks Ray for your wonderful quilting and the Cresco ladies for their creative quilts, and Ray, very creative backing!

  4. Cheryl in Dallas

    Ray, you speak my language: FIFO! I’ve gotta admit that I do not use the same inventory method with my quilt tops, but it’s a great idea. Maybe someday. . .

    Great job on those cute quilts.

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, such neat finishes! Your imagination is working well with the backings. Love your story of the car seat in the manger. Women had to get their work done! Thanks to each and all for your contribution.

  6. I too grew up on a dairy farm with Holsteins, but in Illinois. Ray, do you sometimes do the LIFO method with your quilting? Great quilts.

    1. You bet. Sometimes rules were meant to be broken. Sometimes you make rules just to have something to go by. Sometimes there was a reason and now the reason no longer exists. Sometimes you just have to mix things up to keep it exciting. There have been a few times when I needed a top for a special reason and was about to break from longarming to make the top. Surprise!! There it was in a newly delivered box.

  7. The middle quilt is a “Falling Charms” quilt from Jenny Doan at Missouri Star Quilt Company. It’s a fun one and quite easy to do!

    1. Thanks for the info. I updated the info on that quilt just in case I decide to amke one similar to it. Don’t laugh… I do piece a top now and then. It looks like a great way to use up a bunch of charm squares that I have gathering dust.

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