Community Quilts from Ray

I have email to share from Ray today…This first quilt is so cute!!

I finally got the binding on this darling little quilt today.

For some reason, I put off binding the little quilts but I jump on the big ones. Maybe the little ones do not take up much room if they are left out. The Cresco ladies really showed off with this top. Look at all the little patches that went into the center block. Then they went to adding borders to make it a nice size of 32 x 32. Love all the fabrics that went into it. Amazing!!

I selected the star meander motif because of all the stars in the two outside borders.

I found the pink camo fabric for the backing in the stash to complement the outer border. CUTE!!

Thanks to you and the Cresco ladies for the fixings for this adorable quilt.

Joan P in NC sent me a box with… 5 tops and 2 UFO’s in the mail this week. What a wonderful surprise!! 

Four of the tops are the same star pattern only made with different fabrics. Love the pattern. It really makes the star stand out. Also interesting to see how different fabrics create different looks.

The other top is a snowball pattern. Only the corners are a single piece of fabric instead of HSTs sewn onto the blocks and then pieced together. I had another top that was done in a similar fashion with flying geese. I think that one was a Ricky Tims pattern. I wonder if this one is as well. I could not find anything on the Internet.

The first UFO is a Christmas table runner. There are three 20 x 20 blocks that are pieced. Included was additional fabric to use to join them and finish the top. 

The second UFO is a HUGE stack of 8 inch 4 patch blocks. Each patch was made by sewing arcs together to make a patch and then sewing 4 patches together to make a block. These will definitely make some very beautiful quilts.

Thank you Joan for your generosity.”

It’s so fun to see the goodies that come Ray’s way.  Thank you so much for supporting him and the Community Quilt Project!!



9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. That second ufo is a bullseye quilt. Mary Etherington sells the pattern for it along with many other great patterns on Country Threads Chicken Scratch. She has a fun blog as well.

  2. Lots of work for Ray! The little quilt is so colorful and cute. Great blocks to work with, especially the Christmas table runner.

  3. Just a thought: When Jo-Anns has another thread sale (Buy 3 Get 3 Free), think of the finishers who need thread along with fabric and batting. Happy Quilting.

    1. There’s also a video on YouTube, showing how to make the blocks. “10 – Minute Blocks” by designoriginals123. The video is 11 years old!

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, you received some really nice quilts and blocks to complete. Thanks to those ladies who donated and provided surprises for you as well!

  5. Ray, this is Joan P in NC. The octagonal pieces are supposed to be individual mats, not a long table runner. I didn’t know if you would have a use for those. They sat unfinished in my sewing room, so I included them. The circle blocks would make one large quilt or a couple smaller ones. They are 20th Century Bullseye blocks.

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