Community Quilts from Ray

Ray is still cranking out quilts.  I have another installment of quilts today all finished by Ray.

He writes:
“I wanted to share this adorable scrap quilt with you that Patricia S, in LA made and sent to me to long arm.

I have been calling it an I Spy Rainbow quilt because of the wide variety of fabrics used and because of the color setting of the blocks. I kept seeing different things in the quilt as I long-armed it.

I used the stipple motif for the quilting in ecru thread.

The backing is from the Deb and Pat stash.

Wonderful, wonderful quilt. My thanks to you, Patricia, Deb, and Pat for the pieces to another community quilt.

This is the first quilt that I finished from the batch of tops…

that Marci V in ID sent me.

Such a simple pattern but is it ever dressed up with the multitude of fabrics in the top. She used the same fabric for all of the centers which gave it a lot of continuity.

With so much going on, I decided to use the stipple motif with ecru thread.

I dug through the Deb and Pat stash and came up with the green leaf fabric for the backing because I knew I would use the trimmings for the binding.

The binding picked up the green in the centers as I had hoped. Great quilt!! Thanks to you, Marci, Deb, and Pat for your contributions.


Judy M in OH sent me several tops to finish and this is one of them.

Yes, it is a big quilt at 80 x 96. I can’t believe the number of triangles in it and the wide variety of fabrics. Amazing.

I went with the stipple motif to try and minimize the vertical pattern a bit. I used the ecru thread to blend.
The back is some wide backing from my stash that I pull out on those really long quilts. Love the end result. My thanks to you, and Judy for the assist on this special community quilt.”

Great work Ray!!  Thanks to the many who sent goodies Ray’s way…and of course, thanks to Deb and Pat’s never-ending backing supply!!


8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Such beautiful quilts. I love seeing all the scrappy ones which give me ideas for my scraps. Thanks Ray and all the others who contributed to these.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    What lovely rainbow quilts. All the colors work together to lease the eye just as the quilts will keep someone warn and comfortable. I particularly like the triangles quilt. It was a good way to use up all the left over triangles in a eye catching way. Like the I Spy quilt. Well done everyone.
    Thank you Ko for sharing the story from Ray.

  3. Wonderful scrappy quilts. I especially liked the rainbow one. It was so cheerful. Good job ladies and Ray for his finishing job.

  4. My long arm is not working ! I have several tops ready to be donated where could I send them to you. I also have block of the month blocks that are started and not finished is there someone that finishes someone else’s blocks. I just came across you in Pinterest and you are exactly what I’m looking for God bless you for doing this

    1. Yes..You can send any of those to me and I’ll find a home for them. I have a great network of helpers that love to finish and donate projects on to charity.
      I will send you an email…Jo

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