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Before I get to today’s post, I have an email from Sandra of the Cresco Ladies to share with you.  Maybe you can help the Cresco Ladies.

Sandra writes:
We have been given 2 panels that we are trying to match with some fabric.  One is Minions from Despicable me.   If you happen to run into a few pieces of all the minions together (see attached),  I need (5) 9-inch squares.  The fabric is no longer in stores, and I am not going to purchase it on eBay or Etsy – the price is too high.

We also got a panel that is one huge coca-cola bottle.  Any ideas on how to use it?

If you have some suggestions for Sandra and crew, please leave them in the comment section.  If you have any of the Minion fabric that you don’t mind passing on, please contact Sandra at this email address:

Now onto today’s post…
Ray was super busy just before Christmas cranking out community quilts.  He’s sharing some of them with us today.

Ray writes:
This wintery quilt top came from Elizabeth B. in FL along with the coordinating backing.

I don’t get much in the way of seasonal quilts as a general rule. However, a snowflake pattern quilt from a Florida quilter, how ironic!!

Interesting pattern and very well constructed with all the points.

It would drive me totally over the edge. I really like how it turned out. It will be great to sit under on a cool evening in Florida and have a cup of steaming hot coffee and try to remember what the bitter cold of up north felt like.

Sorry, I just had to rub it in just a bit. Thanks to Jo and Elizabeth for making this wintery quilt a reality.

I received an email from Marge F. in October. She found you…

on the internet when she was searching for places to donate quilts. Your blog led her to me. She has quilted for years and had several small quilt tops that she wanted to donate to a good cause(s). As it turned out she and her husband would be in Fort Myers in December on a winter cruise on their trawler. Marge and I met for a late breakfast and had a wonderful time getting to know each other and discussing quilting. And, yes, she had a bunch of quilts to hand off to me.

*The first quilt was a combination of HSTs and hourglass blocks. Wonderful combination especially with the pinwheel in the center. It measures 44 x 44.

*Next is a churn dash quilt. I have never seen it made with the churn dash being in the center of a larger churn dash. Her color selection on this and all the quilts are awesome. And her piecing is spot on. Check out those points. It measures 40 x 40.

*This has got to be one of the most beautiful star quilts I have seen. The blocks are all blue and white fabrics with the dark red sashing and borders. I am considering it a QOV. Love it. It measures 41 x 54.

*Check out this log cabin quilt. It reminds me a whole lot of an Amish quilt with solid colors and a black background. Very stunning. Don’t miss the narrow, multicolored inner border. That really makes this one pop. It measures 29 x 48.

The picture of this quilt does not do it justice. The fabrics are awesome with the gold metallics in them. The rail fence blocks are alternated with the print. Gorgeous. It measures 36 x 36.

*Next were these two blocks that used the same fabrics. The log cabin block is a bit smaller than the other block. I think with a little work I can get the strip block to serve as the backing for the log cabin block. It measures 31 x 31 and would be a nice reversible table topper.

*Next I found this beautiful lone star quilt. The colors are so bold and vibrant. It measures 48 x 48.

*Next was this amazing two-color quilt – red and white. I really do not know how to describe it. It measures 60 x 60. I have yet to figure out how it is to be turned. 

*Next was this adorable log cabin quilt. I like the 4 patch in the center of the log cabin. Most unique. It measures 31 x 31.

Some of the smaller ones may get borders added to them, but then again they may not. I definitely do not want to take away from the tops. However, Hope Hospice likes quilts that are 34 x 44 approximately for wheelchairs. Time will tell.

*This quilt is completely finished and ready to be donated. The pinks and browns in this quilt are eye-catching. Wow! It measures 45 x 52.

*This quilt is also complete. It is a log cabin pattern. There are black threads across the red fabric which makes it look like watermelon slices. Creative! It has a sleeve on it so that it could be hung. It measures 30 x 43.

*The last of the finished quilts is this cute little quilt. It is only 16 x 31 including the sleeve. It has a rustic flair.

*I saved the best till last. It is this bear paw quilt with a flying geese border. OMG!! Not only is it beautiful but the piecing is phenomenal. About one-half of the quilt has been hand quilted. I contacted a friend, Carol, who does hand quilting. She loved it as well and is going to finish the hand quilting. She will be donating it to a charity to be auctioned off. 

Thank you Marge for your generosity and safe travels on your trawler.

I got a package in the mail today from Patrica S. in LA. She sent me this BEAUTIFUL string, selvage quilt top.

The pic does not do it justice in any way, shape or form. I have never seen anything like it. It is 54 x 73 and will make a wonderful twin bed size quilt.

That’s what I have from Ray today.  It’s so awesome that Marge and Ray could meet up.  I just love hearing how people make connections through my blog.  Much good will be done with these great projects.  Many thanks to you all.



23 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Jo,
    I live in Pensacola FL and our night time temps are in the 30s right now so we are staying inside also. However, we don’t have any of that white stuff to shovel around. Haha. It’s definitely a quilt on the bed night.

  2. Re the Coca-Cola panel. A border of string-pieced blocks in shades of red and white. Same goes for the Minions panel but in blues and yellows if no matching fabric can be found.
    Regards from England

  3. Wow, what a group of beautiful quilts!! Many hours of work in these Thanks to all who so generously give of their time and fabric for good causes. I, too, really liked the bear claw quilt!

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Ray with the coca cola bottle you could do the red and white borders or go off the wall findcsome brown fabric with bubbles or drinking glasses for borders. The red and white phenomenal top I would high light the piecing by following the stitching to accent its perfection.. the watermelon quilt would be lovely on a platn wall. Thanks for sharing the goodies.

  5. Good morning Marge, Ray, Jo and all who contributed to this wonderful display of quilts!! What a wonderful world of quilt bloggers Jo continues to encourage. Thank you each and everyone ❤️

  6. Regarding the Coke panel, I suggest using black and white borders. Border with checks or dots would look excellent.

    From the home of Coke, Atlanta GA area, enjoy your blog and seeing your beautiful quilts and cross-stitching..

  7. The Cresco ladies can border the Coca Cola panel with black and white 4 patches and/or use any race car themed fabric they may have. This would make a sweet NASCAR fan happy.

  8. That’s a lovely batch of quilts. I especially like the selvage quilt. I think selvedges are so appealing. I save mine with the hope of someday making a project bag. And for the record, some of us Love the wintery snow and don’t envy the snowbirds lol. Blessings

  9. I always enjoy the posts that are Ray quilting updates aa I call them. This update is no different in that it was an enjoyable read and viewing. The last quilt shown is outstanding!!! I think of all shown it is my most favorite. How fun to get to meet up with a fellow Blog follower and quilter. I bet they end up good friends.

  10. Wonderful quilts….lots of hard work. I am looking for that recipe that made 4 biscuits at a time. Does anyone have it?? Nice biscuits.

  11. Margaret in North Texas

    Another beautiful group of quilts for Ray to turn into masterpieces! Thanks ladies!! Thank you Ray!!

  12. The Coke panel would be nice used as the center block for a medallion quilt. You could add strips of fabrics like borders around the center panel piece. I think a brown/white check or brown/white stripe would be one good choice. I always like orange with red, so I would look for an orange fabric to throw some fun in there. Then maybe towards the outside border pieces, I would get back to the traditional Coke colors of the red and white (maybe a geometric print of some sort).
    Ray always comes up with nice quilts! He seems to be a wonderful ambassador for the quilting community.

  13. I don’t have that particular minion print, but I have some other ones that I’d happily pass along. For panels, I find that the Mountain Peak company (Mountain Peek?) has some wonderful patterns that feature panels. Their website has some wonderful ideas for inspiration.

  14. I don’t have that particular minion print, but I have some other minion ones that I’d happily pass along. For panels, I find that the Mountain Peak company (Mountain Peek?) has some wonderful patterns that feature panels. Their website has some wonderful ideas for inspiration.

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