Community Quilts from Ray

I got behind between Thanksgiving and Christmas with writing community quilt blog posts.  I’ve made a big effort here after Christmas to try to get caught up.  Today I’m featuring some of the quilts that came from Ray.

He writes:
Just got pics taken of this pretty disappearing nine patch quilt that Maureen M in OH. made and sent to me. I am fascinated by disappearing nine patch quilts.

I love how interesting the blocks are. Maureen used a variety of fabrics which increased the level of interest.

I went with the old standby of stipple motif and ecru thread.

The backing is from the stash from Deb and Pat in FL.

My thanks to you, Maureen, Deb and Pat for the parts to this pretty quilt.

I believe this quilt came from Becky….

OMG! It has that special country charm with the little rabbits, and the sheep grazing around the houses, and the cute little birds on their nests. What is not to love about this quilt! Love it!  Becky did a wonderful job with the piecing and made it a nice size at 76 x 85.

I selected the stipple motif and ecru-colored thread for the quilting.

The backing is from my stash of neutral wide backing.

My thanks to you and Becky for this awesome quilt.

This cute little quilt came from the amazing Cresco ladies. It is such a fun little quilt that they must have been having a wonderful time laughing and joking.

It took me a while to decide on a fabric for the backing as there was not a predominant color or theme in the top. After a while of beating my head against a wall, I started laughing at myself for making such a fuss about the backing.

Which in turn made me realize it was just a fun little quilt. Then I saw this brown fabric with all the colored stars in it from Katy P. in WI. Yes, I like it. More fun.

Then I was stumped as to what motif. Normally I rely on the top to tell me what motif is needed. Not this time. The back said stars. And then I decided on gold stars.

I then put the plan into action and here is the beautiful result.  The gold stars really pop on the large neutral block areas.

Thank you Jo, the Cresco ladies and Katy for making this such a fun quilt.

When I saw this top, all I could say was WOW!! Love the bright, bold colors with the white background.

These courthouse steps grab your attention that is for sure. The top came from Cheryl P. in CO.. Wonderful, beautiful quilt.

I selected the stipple motif for the quilting with white thread. Sounds boring but the colors in the top make up for it big time.

The backing is front he Deb and Pat stash.

My thanks to you, Cheryl, Pat, and Deb for the ingredients to make this special quilt.

Ray has really been a busy guy.  He said he gets a little break around Christmas after the customer quilts have gone out and the snowbird quilts come in.  Being he lives in Florida his longarm business has an ebb and flow.  We’ve all been spoiled seeing all of the community quilts finish Ray has been cranking out.  He’s a one-man show and does an AMAZING job with the help of so many of you donate and send goodies his way. Thank you for supporting him with your donations.



5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Nothing more than a big WOW to Ray and the to the wonderful people who donate time, talent and quilts.

    Thank for sharing your skills

  2. Ray does such a nice job with the quilts – love seeing them! I’m sure they brighten the spirits of many recipients!

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray I love how you give each quilt so much care in the way you finish them. You are an amazing quilter and it so helpful that you receive so many quilts and fabrics to choose from and work on. Thanks to all!!

  4. Thanks Ray! Beautiful quilt and finishes. The star motif looks so fun. Thanks to all for donating fabrics, time, and quilts! You all are a blessing and your work blesses many others.

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