Community Quilts from Ray

Ray has been a busy guy cranking out quilts.  Today I am treating you to three of his latest finishes.

Ray writes:
Just finished the binding on this quilt this morning. You forwarded this top made by the Cresco ladies to me.
The colors are wonderful and make for a great quilt. When I went to my Ouija board to find out what pattern to use for the quilting, I could not get a response. Of all times on Halloween and full, blue moon to not get any assistance. LOL!!

I decided to sew horizontal lines every couple of inches and see what happened. I like it. It is clean, simple, and does not take away from the excitement already built into the quilt.

The fabric for the back came from Patricia T, in WA. A wonderful quilt to add to the donation pile. Thanks to Jo, the Cresco ladies, and Patricia for your generous contributions.

Jo now: I love the straight lines on this.  I would have never thought of doing that but I really like it.  It’s great especially for quilts with lots of seams…

The next quilt from Ray is this beauty…

Ray writes:

Wanted to share this quilt that I just finished with you.

The top came from the Cresco ladies and is very similar to the top I sent you pictures of yesterday. The difference between the two is that this one has two sashes of green fabric across the quilt. Since yesterday’s quilt turned out so well, I decided to do a repeat with the quilting and add some special work to the green sashing pieces.

I found a flower pattern for borders and used it. I like how it gave the quilt that little bit extra.

The backing came from Doreen C. in IA. My appreciation to you, the Cresco ladies, and Doreen for the contributions to this community quilt. Another wonderful addition to the donation pile.

The third quilt for today is this beauty.

Ray writes:
I am super excited to share this quilt with you this morning. It is the 50th community quilt that I have long-armed. Hard to believe that I have completed 50 quilts so far.

This top is from the Cresco ladies and is a real gem. Sometimes I look at the quilt as a whole, but this one needs to be looked at square by square. Some have 4 patch centers. Some have double borders. Some have single borders. Some borders are wider and some are smaller. But they all come to the same end result….blocks that are the same size to create a beautiful quilt. Somewhere there is a message in all that. The backing is from Doreen C. in IA.

I used a balloon pattern for the quilting as the quilt is fun and balloons are fun.

Many thanks to Jo, the Cresco ladies, and Dorren for your contributions to this quilt. Also thanks to all of you for your continued support and encouragement to help me achieve 50 quilts so far this year.”

YAHOO for Ray.  I am so impressed with his quilting and willingness to work on all these quilts.  I believe he has a heart of gold!!  50 is an awesome number to have finished…I hope he sticks around and quilts many more for our group!!

Thanks to the many of you who have donated tops, fabric, and backings to make Ray’s work a little easier!!



11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Great job completing 50 quilts this year, Ray. I like that you did the line quilting because it looks good. Thanks for your coordinating, Jo! Hearts and lives are enriched because of help. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    I’m a bit unhappy instead of quilt pictures all I saw was multiple car commercials I don’t mind commercials but no pictures to look at. That doesn’t mean I won’t still read your blogs though. This is the only time it has happened.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Sorry I hollered to soon I guess the pictures finally showed up. I know it’s not your fault in any way. The quilts were waiting to see. Really good choices Ray. Thanks Jo.

  4. Great Quilts!!! I love seeing the frosting that Ray puts on the quilts he does! Keep up the great work Ray and here’s to many more! Jo, look at what you do: you were given fabric donations, the Cresco Ladies put together attractive quilts, Ray frosts them, charities are blessed by everyone’s gifts. What a treasure you are! Hugs to all

  5. Ray, you are a gem with your time and talents. 50 tops quilted tops amazing!!! You take such an interest in each quilt top –just making it ever better with your decisions. Thanks especially to you but also the Cresco ladies for their completed tops and others who donate backing. Don’t forget Jo’s part. It all comes together.

  6. I can not express the magnitude of my appreciation to all of you for your encouragement, support and generosity. I never dreamed that with the first quilts I received in April that I could possibly long arm that many. It has truly been a labor of love. For all the down that there has been in 2020, this has truly been a HIGH for me. There is still 6 weeks of 2020 left to long arm more quilts and to set a goal to exceed in 2021. MY thanks to Jo for that initial boost and to ALL of you for everything you do to support Jo and the community of quilting.

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