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Hey all before I get to today’s post I have a favor to ask on behalf of Jeanne in AZ.  Jeanne is a prolific charity quilt top maker.  She had made tops and sent them to many of our finishers.  Right now she is in need of either strips of 2 1/2″ fabric or orphan blocks to make this quilt top larger.  The nine patches she’s needing unfinished would be 6 1/2″.  For strips she needs 21/2″ wide.  You can see her quilt top is scrappy so most any colors would work.  If you’re willing to donate something, please contact her at this email address:  THANKS!!

Now to today’s post…

I have been working through my email.  I am way behind.  I had a fantasy that once I didn’t have all the mail coming in that I would be better about email.  Wait, I take that back.  I had a fantasy that I would be AWESOME with email.  I am better…just not awesome.  Here is some email that came in from Ray…

Ray writes:
This quilt top and the backing came from Barbara S. in FL.

You may not be able to blow up the pics enough to read the print fabric in the top. The blocks have the sweetest Valentine messages in them. It reminds me of ages ago in school when we all exchanged little Valentines. I decided to use the heart motif to go along with the Valentine messages.

I tested blue thread but it took away from the messages and went with ecru to stay very neutral.

The blue pixelated print for the backing was perfect. This sweet little quilt will be one of two quilts to be raffled off at the annual Shrimp Boil at church on February 11.

Thank you Jo and Barbara for such a timely donation.

Here is another Valentine quilt but… this one is from the Cresco ladies.

You just have to feel all warm and fuzzy when you take a look at all of the various Valentine-themed fabrics that make up this quilt.

They also sent the perfect fabric for the backing. It says it all! There was no option for quilting.

I had to use a red thread and the heart motif. I really like how it shows on the back. I normally use the extra fabric from the backing for the binding, but the big print just was not right. I found some cute fabric in the stash from Tammye M. That was just what I needed.

This quilt is also destined for the quilt raffle at the Shrimp Boil. Thank you, Jo, the Cresco ladies, and Tammye for your contributions.

This adorable baby blanket is from Maureen M. in OH.

The animals are too cute in the print blocks. Her selection of green and orange fabrics to complement the print are awesome. It is so cute!!

Luckily I found the bold striped flannel in the stash and declared it a good fit with the top. So the colors don’t exactly match, but the boldness of them won me over. Besides, it was a flannel for a baby blanket.

Deciding on a motif for the quilting was tough. I finally decided to go with the bubbles and yellow thread. Neither green nor orange worked. The next color up was yellow and it worked just fine.

My thanks to Jo and Maureen for the pieces to put together this baby blanket.

Wow.  What great quilts and they all finished off perfectly.  I love the bubble quilting design, don’t you?  I am so appreciative of everyone who donated and helped to make these quilts happen.  I just love community quilt days here on the blog.


10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Beautiful quilts – someone out there will love these! Thank you for your hard work and donations everyone!
    Love and prayers

  2. Ray is so awesome! He has the eye to put fabrics together and make master pieces! These quilts are all outstanding the same as all quilts he finishes! The world is lucky to have Ray!

  3. What a wonderful beginning to my day to see the Valentines quilts to be auctioned at the shrimp boil! Ray & charity quilt makers your hearts are so generous & your work is outstanding!

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, these quilts are just beautiful as is every quilt you finish. We’re out of words to describe your wonderful work!

  5. Beautiful quilts, all so colorful and the quilting is very good. I like the bubble motif and the hearts are very fitting for the other quilts too. Great job!

  6. Judith Fairchild

    Liked all the questions they are fun to fabulous. The bubble quilt was so cute. I quiilted a bubble quilt by hand it took me weeks. But was fun. Good work everyone.

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