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I’ve had a few emails from Ray that I’m putting together as one post.

Ray writes:
I wanted to share this beautiful quilt with you. I believe it came from Becky via you (my notes are not that good from that batch). It is such a pretty quilt and very well made.

I selected the floral motif for the quilting in an ecru color thread.

The backing came from Shirley S. in NV. For some reason, it got set back and was recently rediscovered in my reorganization attempt.

The quilt is going to a young girl that asked for a blanket on the Angel Tree at church. I am thinking the powers that be may have been saving it for her. What do you think? The quilt is adorable. My thanks to you, Becky, and Shirley for the pieces to make this special quilt come together for a special Christmas gift.

Next up…

I received a wonderful package in the mail from Doreen C. in IA. Doreen sends me goodies every now and then. Always a treat.


She sent me 3 yardages of beautiful fabric that I can use for backs and 6 smaller size quilt tops that will be wonderful to upsize a bit for wheelchair blankets for Hope Hospice.

* The first top is very timely for Christmas with the little Chickadees and holly. It measures 46 x 46.

* Next is a four patch with a unique mix of rail fence blocks, prints, and solids. Love it. It measures 32 x 40.

* Then out came this next top. I am not sure what the pattern is but it reminds me of watermelons. It measures 26 x 39.

* Next was this bouquet quilt. It is also made with lots of 1 inch squares. It is like a piece of artwork. It measures 26 x 40.

* Here is another little quilt. To me, it looks like a landscape with floral prints and a blue sky. It measures 19 x 24.

 * The last top was a card trick pattern. Beautiful colors. It measures 33 x 33.

In case you are wondering, Hope likes them to be around 34 x 44 in size to use with a wheelchair. A small top and some borders do the trick.

Thank you Doreen for your generosity.”

It’s always great to hear from Ray and see what he is up to.  The quilt finish from Becky was great and the goodies from Doreen…always fun to see!  Thanks to all for donating…especially Ray.  He’s a workhorse!!


9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. All very pretty quilts. I especially like the first one and really liked the backing. Great job of the donors and Ray’s quilting of the first one. I am sure that young gal was thrilled to receive such a special blanket.

  2. Oh my! I’m sure that little girl who asked for a blanket was thrilled!! Ray does such wonderful quilting…thank you Ray for all your work as well as many thanks to all the people who donate!

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, you have several nice tops to complete! I love your choice of the quilting motif on Becky’s donation.
    Thanks to the others for their gifts to you.

  4. Ray does such lovely quilt work. The watermelon one is cute for Summer. Love to see all the Community Quilts both in progress and finished works of art.

  5. I got a little choked up thinking of a child asking for a blanket for Christmas. Thank you Ray and Becky, for making it possible for her to receive such a beautiful quilt!

  6. I got a little choked up reading about the little girl asking for a blanket for Christmas. Thank you Ray and Becky for making such a beautiful quilt for her.

  7. I need to ditto everyone else about the “blanket” for Christmas. The little girl will love it. What a special Christmas for her.

  8. Anita L Jackson

    Oh Gosh! Ray is definitely a work horse as you say! I’m amazed at all he accomplishes in such short time! All of the quilts are great works of love! We appreciate all of you! And all of the recipients are blessed with a warm hug from all of your hard work!

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