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If you saw me write this post, you would have a great big laugh.  The emails that Ray sends come to me with words in the form of a letter and the pictures are attachments at the top.  Ray had so many pictures this time that he had to send a couple of emails.  Writing this post was much like a puzzle.  I had to read Ray’s words and guess which picture went with which works…it’s kind of funny how many times I have to move and sort pictures to make sure I get it all right.  I think I have it all now…here Ray.

Ray writes:
Nancy F. in FL emailed me that she had some goodies to send my way. I received two boxes from her and wanted to share them with you.

The first box had a wide assortment of beautiful fabrics. The top left is a stack of 5-inch squares in shades of blue. Love the tropical birds. They may get fussy cut so that they really stand out in a quilt. The bottom right is a big cut of navy blue which will be great to have.

The second box had more beautiful fabrics. The bottom left is a layer cake with animated farm animals. Love my farm-themed fabrics. The bottom right are a neutral and a blue print cut that will be great for backing.

Last but not least is a quilt top. It will be a big quilt at 88 x 88. All of the black and gold in the fabrics reminded me of my high school days of long, long ago. The school colors were black and gold.

Thank you Nancy for your generosity.

Linda L. in TN sent me… a big box of quilt tops and yardage. 

She sent two very nice cuts of fabric which I can definitely use for backings. The neutral fabric with the ladybugs on it is 60 inches wide. 

The first quilt is made up of nine patches and blocks set on point. I love all of the colors in the top. It measures 53 x 53.

The next one is a really nice pattern and I have no idea as to the name of the pattern. To me it is a 4 square made into a 9 patch.  Regardless, it is very nice. It measures 57 x 57.


Next is a 9 patch that is set in a very unique and interesting pattern. Love the creativity that went into it. It is 54 x 54.

Next is an adorable baby blanket with elephants on parade. She also included a gray elephant print flannel for the backing. It is 44 x 44.

Next is an applique quilt that uses some Crayola fabrics. How fun! It measures 41 x 42.

Next is a beautiful rainbow star quilt. It measures 68 x 68. Awesome!

Last of all were a couple of panels. One has a very unique way of mapping the USA and the other is an alphabet.

Thank you Linda for all the goodies and your generosity.

Linda F. in AZ cleaned out more of her quilting and sent me 2 large boxes full of wonderful treasures. As you will soon see there is a LOT.

First is a group of fabrics that are eye-catching, to say the least. They will be great additions to the stash. In the upper right corner is a large cut of butterfly print that I will use for backing.

Look at all of the wonderful QOV fabrics. They are gorgeous. Off they go to the QOV box. Wait till you see all the QOV quilts she sent.

OMG! UFOs and more UFOs. Oh my! Lots of beautiful quilts just waiting to be finished. In the upper right corner is a quilt pattern and what appears to be enough fabric to make the top.

And more UFOs. The beginnings of a QOV in the lower left.

And more fabric. There are several large cuts as well as more QOV fabric

Now for the parade of quilts from Linda F. in AZ.

First out of the box was this green, gray and black pinwheel quilt. Beautiful! It measures 72 x 72. It is a cool, breezy day here and I can see the pinwheels blowing in the wind.

Next is a bow tie, QOV quilt. Very special!. It measures 59 x 71. All of these QOVs will be used for next year’s QOV presentation on Veteran’s Day. 

Love the colors and the scrappiness of this brick quilt. Beautiful colors. It measures 49 x 50.

I believe this pattern is Jacob’s ladder.  I really like how the diagonals alternate between light and dark fabrics. It measures 49 x 57.

Another brick quilt but larger and made of batiks. WOW! It measures 49 x 65.

Got to love those HSTs and the skill and patience to make them so well. It measures 49 x 49.

I do not know the name of the pattern for this quilt. Reminds me of spinners. I am assuming it is a great strip piecing pattern. Love it. It measures 49 x 65.

Here is another quilt using the same pattern but different fabrics. It measures 49 x 57

I really like this red and white quilt with just a few fabrics with blue here and there. Awesome pattern with alternation 4 patch and HST blocks. The color placement is so eye-catching. It measures 49 x 65.


Here is a beautiful QOV with alternating red and white HSTs and blue blocks. The color placement really makes it pop. It measures 45 x 57.

Another QOV that combines rail fence blocks with friendship stars. Great combination. It measures 49 x 61.

And another QOV combining charm squares and sawtooth stars. Those stars definitely pop. It measures 49 x 58.

And one more QOV. Here we go around the world. Awesome variation. It measures 56 x 56.

This one has got to be a favorite. I just keep staring at it and absorbing the details in the pattern. It measures 61 x 85.

Here is another spinner type quilt only that is made with polka dot fabric and has a scrappy border. Adorable. It measures 47 x 55.

This is a really neat quilt that alternates 9 patches with hour glass blocks. It gives the appearance of being set on point. Love the scrappy border. It measures 57 x 69.

This quilt is made with batik charm squares in a checkerboard pattern. The blue border really sets it off. It measures 55 x 71.

Here is a nice variation of an HST quilt. One of the four HST blocks is replaced by a single block. Great way to mix it up some. It measures 49 x 65.

Last but not least is this cute quilt. The pattern is called Sunshiny Day. It just looks like sunshine. Such a happy little quilt. In with the UFOs was the pattern as well as fabric to make another quilt just like this one. It measures 48 x 48.

Thank you Linda for your generosity and creativity.”

HOLY WOW!!  That was a lot of goodies that were sent Ray’s way.  I’m so thrilled that so many of you are sending mail directly to the finishers that can use.  I can’t thank you enough for mailing directly.  What a blessing it’s been to me to see the charity quilt program continue.  I was so worried it would die if I stepped back.  Thank you so much.  Now I know it won’t.

14 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. I agree HOLY WOW!! So many pretty quilts – anxious to see them after Ray works his magic. It amazes how many variations of different patterns we see here. So fun!

  2. What an awesome number of quilt tops, UFO’s, and fabric Ray received! People are certainly generous! Blessings to all involved.

  3. The fabrics and quilts are fantastic. Thanks to all who are involved with these quilts. Too bad the world can’t be as giving and caring as the world of quilters. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, you received some beautiful and interesting tops to finish. And nice additions to your QOV collection
    plus more backing fabric. Thanks to your contributors!

  5. Great bunch of finishes! The “spinner” pattern is called Saint Brigid cross.

    Happy Thursday Jo! I hope your iodine free diet day went well for you!

  6. All I can say is Wow, Wow, Wow. How wonderful you are Ray, Jo and everyone who donated to Ray. Those are some beautiful quilt tops and fabric. I can’t wait to see the finished quilts.

  7. Wow! Just so impressive. Each quit is fabulous, and the fabric donations are great. Thank you Ray for all you are doing. You are appreciated. Happy Holidays!L

  8. What a wonderful quilt show! so many lovely tops and I just know Ray is going to work some magic with each of them. I loved seeing so many interesting patterns and lots of polka dot fabrics, my go to for fillers. Thank you one and all for sharing your love of quilting.

  9. The four-square made into a 9-patch is Bonnie Hunter’s leader / ender challenge from last year – it’s called Easy Breezy,
    I’ve always said that quilters are VERY generous people – and it’s evident in this post!

  10. Thank you all for the kind words and the generous contributions. Also thanks for the proper names of the quilt patterns. There is no way I could do this without ALL of you!! Thanks much! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!! :-)

  11. Margaret Murphy

    Where do I find what size squares to use in the red white and blue blocks with saw tooth stars. Or if there’s a pattern to buy.

    1. HI Margaret, I no longer have the top in my possession to pull and to get the dimensions. It is 12 blocks by 14 blocks from the picture. Based on the measurements given, I would say that the unfinished, raw blocks are either 4.5 inches or 5 inches square. I don’t think it would change the look of the quilt if you used 4.5 or 5. Using 5 inch blocks might be much easier as that is the size of standard charm squares. Also those are not actually sawtooth star blocks. I am still learing. Sawtooth stars are typically made with flying geese blocks for the points. These points are made with an overlapping point and I do not know the proper name.

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