Community Quilts from Ray

Ray sent a couple of emails…I thought I’d share them with you today.

Ray writes:
I finished a log cabin quilt today that was created by the Cresco ladies. The individual blocks were made with half of the blocks made with light-colored fabrics and half with dark-colored fabrics.

I love how they turned the log cabin blocks so that they made diamond shapes that show so well.

I again went with the stipple motif and bone thread to allow the fabrics to take precedent.

The backing came from the stash from Deb and Pat and set the stage for a nice fall quilt. My continued thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, Deb, and Pat for all your wonderful generous contributions to community quilts.

Ray also shared his mail with me…

Ray writes:
I finally made it through all 3 boxes of goodies from Kathleen H. in IL. She had some things plus the senior center where she volunteers were gifted some things that she also included. Pics are included as they are worth 1000 words.

1 – The first box contained a full-size piece of batting, some burgundy yardage, some neutral fabrics, and 3 UFOs. There was a red star and a blue star block. I may stack them and make a wheelchair quilt out of them. Below that is a bunch of 4 T’s blocks which will make a nice lap quilt. At the bottom is a stack of larger size blocks that are of various patterns which will make a nice sampler quilt.

2 – Next was a black and white quilt which was partially pinned and basted. The piping on the sashing is a bit more than I can handle. I plan on deconstructing it and then using a black and white print for sashing and binding to make a lap quilt.

3 – These stamped blocks are so cute. There are 8 single lilly blocks and just 1 bouquet. I think some nice sashing and cornerstones is all this UFO needs to complete another lap quilt.

4 – There are 2 vortex quilts along with some handwritten instructions on how to finish it. There is plenty of solid purple fabric to applique the vortex. They should be awesome quilts.

5 – This is another UFO that is a major hand applique project in red and white. OMG!! The number of pins in this piece is unbelievable. Hopefully, I can find someone that would love a nice winter project. There is a bag of precuts in the upper left corner. The top middle is a stack of batik blocks that will make a nice top. The upper right is a bag of larger precut squares.

6 – More yardage. There is a nice stack of Christmas fabrics in the upper right. The lower right is a stack of neutrals. On the top left is a big piece of flannel.

7 – This pic is an interesting collection of various sizes, colors, and patterns of fabric. I just may have to set up a scrap system.

8 – This is a hand cross-stitched quilt top from Paragon. It is beautifully done and needs to have some custom work done to it to really make a beautiful quilt. Laurie in WA has agreed to take on this finishing project as it is more in tune with the long arming she does. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

9 – This is another hand applique project that I am looking for a home for. It is another Paragon project.

10 – This is a jelly roll race top in beautiful earthy tones. It measures 49 x 64 and will be a wonderful community quilt when finished.

11 – This is a beautiful 9 patch on point top that measures 80 x 90. Love how the burgundy blocks alternate with the 9-patch. That border is to die for.

12 – Last but not least is a two-color 9 patch that is 62 x 88. Simple design but so beautiful.

My thanks to Kathleen and associates for the wonderful goodies that will be used to assist so many others.”

What a great quilt and what a great bunch of goodies!!  Thanks all for sending things directly to finishers.  Ray is on the quilt donation page.  You can find the page HERE.

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Such a fantastic assortment for Ray to work with! I love seeing how he finishes the donations and his ideas for how he’ll finish them.

  2. So many wonderful beginnings in the boxes from Kathleen. The log cabin quilt is very pretty and Ray of course, did a great job quilting it.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Some of those quilt tops and fabric have drooling with desire. Unfortunately I don’t have space for more. The red andxwhite double wedding ring is so lovely. But handcstitching and me don’t do so well. Especially with curves. As always Ray’s quilting and color choices are great.thanks for sharing the e-mails Jo and Ray.

  4. Jo love seeing your quilts and all the other ones from everyone. Enjoy them. Was reading your email from 12/10/21 and was wondering if you give out the name of the quilt on your couch that is covering up one of the grandkids sleeping. It is red /cream in color. On the floor is Emmet playing with the doll house. Looks neat. As one of the gals commented that get all the grandkids time in as they tend to start going to more friends, activities, etc. It is very true. I have one granddaughter that still calls and I see her. She is in college. Hope not much snow there. Lennox, Sd had a bunch as cars had to be off the street for clean up.

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