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Now to today’s post…

Ray is at again.  I know that soon the snowbirds will be heading back his way in Florida and he’ll be busy working on customer quilts so I am savoring all of the community quilts he gets finished before his customer quilts have him busy.

Ray writes:
I finished this big, beautiful quilt today. The top came from Sharon via you. Yes, it measures 72 x 86 and is full of wonderful fabrics based on red, white, and black.

I call it Love of Music. The music comes from the music note fabric as well as the love in the quilt with all of the deep reds.

As I was long arming it, I kept finding more and more fabrics with hearts, roses, and sweet sayings in them. What a special quilt!! I had to go with the heart motif for the quilting in a deep red.

The backing is from… Darlynn.

This was another fabric I was unsure as to what it would go with and now I know. Perfect match! Thanks so much to you, Sharon, and Darlynn for the wonderful pieces to make this very, very special quilt.

Next up, I wanted to share this beautiful, finished quilt with you. The top was made by Jean in WI. The colors in it are so rich and deep.

To me she did a stack and cut of the print fabric and then laid them out to create a swirl in the block. It definitely adds a lot of interest to the quilt. Then to top it off she added some fancy sashing and cornerstones.

I had a difficult time finding a backing that I thought would work with the top. I definitely did not want a print and the solid had to be able to stand up to the colors on the top. Then the other day I saw this deep red fabric and tried it. Bingo!! I had a winner.

I went with the stipple motif in a bone colored thread to minimize the impact of the quilting on the top. I am pleased with the rest.

My thanks to you, Jean, and the backing donor for everything needed to make this a spectacular quilt.


I have another quilt finish to tell you about.

In May I made a red, white and blue quilt that the church used for a raffle on Memorial Day to donate funds to an organization that supports veterans. Margaret held the winning raffle ticket and was excited to get the quilt. This summer I started making QOV’s for presentation to church members at a Veteran’s Day service. Maureen contacted me, let me know that she had a LOT of string blocks in red, white and blue, and wanted to know if I would like them. I said yes and so far have made 4 quilts from the blocks and shared pics of them with you.

A couple of weeks ago Margaret stopped me and said she wanted to give the Memorial Day raffle quilt back to me to include with the QOV’s I was making for November. The QOV project was awesome and she wanted to do something to support it. I graciously accepted the quilt and decided that one good turn deserves another.

Margaret’s favorite color is purple. I dug through the stack of tops and found this purple around the world quilt that Maureen had made and sent to me. Small world!!!

Margaret now has a purple quilt and is super excited! Not only did she do a good deed but she got a purple quilt that she dearly loves. My thanks to you and Maureen for all your contributions in making these quilts but also to Margaret for her generosity.

Oh Ray…What a heart warming story.  Thanks so much for treating Margaret.  It’s so awesome that you did that!!  You are such a great asset to the quilting community!!

Thanks to all who made these quilts happen.


3 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Beautiful quilts everybody. Enjoyed seeing them and material that have some of. Inspiration strikes again. Thank you every one.

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, its so amazing how you turn each top into a beautiful quilt—with your selection of backing,quilting pattern and binding. Thanks to you and those supply tops and fabric. A great combination!

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