Community Quilts from Ray

I have emails from Ray to share with you today.  He was excited to share a surprise from Jeanne M in AZ…and some finished quilts…

Ray writes:
Jeanne M. in AZ sent the makings for 3 wonderful quilts. Love all three of them.

1) The first bundle contained a small pieced top that was 28 x 32. Also included were white and red fabrics to be used for borders to make it 42 x 47. Also included was some soft gray Minky for the backing. Talk about warm and snuggly!!

2) Next was a pieced top that was also 28 x 32 with Thomas the Train fabric. I am positive that I have some complimentary fabrics to use to border this top to make it 42 x 47 as well.

3) Then I found the panel. It is totally awesome!! I can’t begin to describe it. You just need to see the picture of it. She included the fishing lure fabric with it to use for the border. It should be super as well.

I have a quilt from Ray too…

He writes:
Finally getting a chance to update you on a quilt finish. Nancy M. from AL emailed me and asked if the church was having their airing of the quilts in the spring. Yes, it is being planned but a date has not been set yet. Well, Nancy said she had a couple of quilts that she thought would look for the airing. She sent
them to me and they are gorgeous. I think I sent you pics when they came in. At least I hope I did. Regardless, I long-armed one of them and got the binding on so I could share it with you.

This quilt is a stack and slash pattern.  She used batiks and did rainbow blocks. Then topped it off with a wide blue batik border. I finally decided to do the circle meander motif in a blue thread to coordinate with the border.

The backing is another batik that came from Tammye M. in FL.

Yes, it is a wild combination but I think it all came together in grand fashion. I am sure it will get plenty of attention hanging on a clothesline at the airing. My thanks to you, Nancy, and Tammye for everything you did to make this quilt awesome!!

I love seeing that the direct mailing is working.  Both of the people who donated sent things directly to Ray bypassing me and saving us LOTS of postage dollars.  That is awesome.  If you are looking for people you can send to directly, please check out the donation page HERE.

THANKS so much to Ray and the sweet readers who sent goodies his way.

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