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Ray has been so busy.  He’s had so many quilts to share as of late.  It’s partly because he is truly that busy and partly because I’m behind on getting the community quilt post written.

Ray writes:
A while back you sent me some tops from an anonymous quilter. This is one of them.

It is a charm pack quilt with alternating print and solid fabrics. The prints are of Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, and friends. It is so adorable.

You also included fabric for the backing of princesses. Great combination.

I decided to use the star motif for the quilting so some little girl would have plenty of stars to make wishes. I used white thread on the front and back to minimize the quitting appearance.

I know there is a little princess that is going to cherish this quilt for a long, long time. My thanks to you and  Anonymous for the makings of this sweet quilt.

This is another of several QOV’s I am making for a Veteran’s Day presentation at our church in November.

Really feels great to do something for those who have served us. I really like how this one turned out.

My first time using a 3 yard pattern and I am hooked. This pattern is called City Lights.

I used a stipple motif for the quilting with a bone thread on the front and a light blue thread on the back.

Thanks to all who have served.

Gina C. in NY contacted me earlier this year from the information she found on your blog. She loves to make quilts but could not find anyone to long arm them for her in NY. She offered them to me and I …

gladly accepted them.

This is the first one I have finished and am excited with how it finished and am looking forward to completing the others.

I do not know the name of the pattern, but it definitely took days to cut all the pieces that are in the quilt and then a great deal of time to piece it. It is a gorgeous pattern and she did a wonderful job of piecing it.

Yes, it is a larger size quilt at 70 x91.

Gina also spoiled me by including the backing fabric and the binding for the quilt.

I did not want to take away from the beauty of the stars so I used a stipple motif with light gray thread on the top and light blue thread on the back.

My thanks to you and Gina for all the time and energy you expend to provide me with the resources to finish beautiful quilts like this and donate them to local causes.

I finished another sampler quilt that was made by the Cresco ladies. I love sampler quilts.

It is a great way to see a wide variety of different types of quilt block patterns in an even greater variety of fabrics. The blocks were beautiful and the red sashing really set the blocks off.

I found the reddish backing in the stash from Deb and Pat in FL.

Using it for the binding as well makes the red sashing pop.

I decided to use the stipple motif for the quilting as there was nothing that really stood out on the quilt to highlight. The bone thread and the stipple pattern give it a good solid look that should make it a comfort for years to come.

Thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, Deb, and Pat for your assistance in making this quilt so special.

I love each of these and what a wonderful variety…quilts for kids, veterans, and everyone in between.  Thanks so much to Ray and thanks to the many who donated tops and supplies needed.  Those of you who have sent orphan blocks…do anyone of you recognize one of your blocks in the orphan block sampler quilt??


4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Hello Jo
    Rays quilts are beautiful he is a talented long armer and has a knack of choosing just the right designs to show off the quilts.
    You very kindly asked the Cresco ladies to introduce themselves so now I can picture them working away together making such lovely quilts and donating them.
    I wonder now whether we could learn about Ray, where he lives and how he came into quilting and longarming. It is so nice to feel a connection and I would love to know more about your band of volunteers.
    Do hope you have reduced the piles of boxes and are taking time to look after yourself.

    1. Please be patient as I will try to fill you in on me. Right now I am focused on long arming quilts for customers and donation. It really keeps my batteries charged. So I can stop long arming and prepare a bio or I can long arm. I have never been good at multitasking. Definitely old school. And to be very honest, I think you may very well enjoy the mystic of who I am more than the actual revelation. Maybe I just need to give you a chapter now and then and see if you like what I have to tell. Something to think about……..

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, you just make any quilt top sparkle–with your finishing touches. And the stash of Deb and Pat just lives on–you are always pulling from it. A great group of quilts to donate . Thanks Gina and the Cresco ladies.


  3. Each of these quilts is uniquely beautiful and each one will be cherished. You have a wonderful team of donors, sewers and quilters, Jo.
    A question–would you explain how you use the measuring tape on the roller of your longarm? Thanks!

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