Community Quilts from Ray

Oh, happy day!!  More community quilts are coming your way!!  Today’s quilts are from Ray…

He writes:
“I finished another community quilt to share. The top was from an anonymous blog reader that you forwarded to me.

The piecing was very, very good, and made long arming it a breeze. Since there were several floral patterns in the fabrics, I chose a daisy pattern for the quilting.

The backing is from Deb and Pat in FL and a part of the big stash donation.

I used a tan colored thread that blended in with the sashing fabric. The quilt is so soothing and inviting. Love how it all came together. One more for the donation pile. Many thanks for Jo, Anonymous, Pat, and Deb for their gracious contributions.”

When this quilt came in the mail there was some discussion on the blog as to what pattern it was. The consensus was that the pattern from Kim Brackett’s  Scrap-Basket Sensations book.  It is “Flowers for Nana Girl” on page 21 of the book.  She designs lots of quilts that use jelly rolls and other precuts.  You can find her HERE on Amazon.

The next quilt…
is also from Ray.  He writes:

Here is the other quilt that I just finished. Much the same as the other string quilt I finished except it is 47 x 56 and does not have a border.

I used flannel instead of batting on this one as well. I also went back to my good old reliable computer patterns and selected a stipple pattern but opened it up as big as I could get it.

I think it looks like a jigsaw puzzle that has been put together.

I can say thanks enough to Jo and the Cresco ladies for another top to finish and donate to Hope Healthcare.”

I love both of these quilts.  It always amazes me when people donate such beautiful tops.  I wrote a post last week that talks about a journey or destination when it comes to crafting and quilting.  I think people who donate pieced tops love the journey.  I’m so thankful they do!!  So many people benefit from the sharing of their talent!!


3 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Beautifully quilted Ray. Jo I think you are right about enjoying the journey from plans to finished tops. I love that journey too.

  2. Ray is an extraordinary artist! I admire his quilting so much! I’m still apprehensive about anything fancier than straight line quilting, but y’all are sure getting me excited about branching out.

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