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Ray has been sending me emails right and left.  He is one busy guy!!  I’ve combined the emails into one bigger longer blog post.

Ray writes:
Jane S, in New Jersey emailed me that she had a top and a backing to send to me. She read your blog and wanted to know if I could use them. Naturally, I said yes and she sent them. The top is beautiful and will be gorgeous when I get it finished.

She said it was a Joann Fabric block of the month quilt. I did not know Joann had BOM’s. After a bit of research, I found out it is called “Quilter’s Basket” and was sold back in 2000. The top measures 84 x 88.

She included 4 yards of fabric I could use for the backing of this quilt or a different one. Time will tell on that decision. Here are some pics to see what you think of the combination.


Today I long armed this quilt top that Linda F. in AZ made and sent to me.

The pattern is stunning with all the batiks in it. Then she added the double border to really make it pop.

I found the teal blue backing in the stash.

Sorry, I do not know who sent it to me. Along with it was the solid teal that I used for the binding.

I used the circle meander motif with teal blue thread to give it a water/bubble look.

My thanks to you, Linda, and Anonymous for the essential elements needed to make this splendid quilt.


This next QOV quilt is another prime example of a community quilt.

The center Liberty panel was one of four that you sent to me along with some other items a few months ago. I set it back in a box that continues to grow with reds, whites, and blues.

Shortly after you sent the panel, Maureen M. in OH contacted me to see if I could use some string blocks she made that were red/white/blue. I said yes please. OMG!!! There were over a hundred 11″ blocks that came in the mail.

I now had two pieces of a puzzle and needed to figure out how to proceed. As I was looking through the stash, I came across the solid red fabric. Bingo!! If I border the Liberty panel to make it a size that would fit with the string blocks, I might have something to work with.

I laid them out on the floor and liked what I saw. I put that much together and decided it needed a border. Yup, more red for the border but it still needed something. Then I came across the blue star fabric from Shirley S. in NV.

I now had cornerstones for the border. And there you have it. I used a white thread and did wavy lines free motion for the quilting.

MY thanks to all mentioned as well as others that have sent me tops to long arm as I learn from what you send to me. Needless to say, there will be more of this pattern to be made.”

Ray has one more email to share and it’s my favorite of the bunch.

Ray writes:

I spent most of last week finishing a quilt for my daughter. She sent me a box full of newborn and toddler clothes that her daughter, my granddaughter wore. Maddie just turned 6 this week. I have worked on the project on and mostly off for a year and a half. It was time to get it done. I know you know what I mean from your blog posts. Well, I got the quilt done and it is in the mail to her in KY.

Newborn and toddler shirts are not a lot to work with so I improvised with some Lori Holt blocks and her name and birthdate in applique. I just wanted to share a pic with you. Thanks for your inspiration

Oh my goodness.  Isn’t that the sweetest quilt ever??  I’m sure Ray’s granddaughter is going to love it!!

Here we all knew that Ray was great at the longarm.  Now he’s proved he has many many skills than only longarming.  What an amazing quilt!!  Thanks so much, Ray for sharing all the goodies in the emails you sent and a big thanks to every who has sent goodies Ray’s way.



15 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Great quilts, Ray. Love the Batik one, the outer green border finishes it beautifully. Your combination of panel and gifted string blocks is brilliant. Your granddaughter’s quilt is fantastic, she will love it. You have an amazing set of skills!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Wow what a lovely bunch quilts Ray made and longarmed. but his grand daughter’s quilt is such fun and beautiful. I think Miss Maddie will love it.

  3. What a lovely collection of quilts. Maddie’s quilt is so charming – and she has the same birthday as me! Well, granted, I have MANY decades on her – ha! I am sure she will treasure that quilt. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. All such beautiful quilts and love Maddie’s!! Ray always does such a great work finishing the quilts and I’m so appreciative of his donation of his time and everybody else who contributed to the quilts.

  5. I love, love, love Ray’s granddaughter’s quilt. Such a great job of making a memory quilt. I always enjoy Ray’s longarmed quilts. He has so much talent.

  6. WOW!! And Maddie’s quilt is terrific! Ray’s so generous – and obviously a wonderful grandpa – thanks for sharing!

  7. I feel so inspired looking at these quilts, thanks for sharing with all of us. I really love the clever way the panel was used along with the string blocks and all those marvelous batiks in the other one. Wow, is all I can say about sweet Maddies quilt, she is one loved granddaughter.

  8. Ray’s granddaughter’s quilt is definitely a labor of love. Beautiful! I was also thrilled to see the patriotic panel used in a QOV. I had confiscated it from a freebie table at a quilt guild meeting. Nice job, Ray!

  9. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, great finishes as usual–all really outstanding!! I like how you put together the QOV quilt and I am in love with that circle meander quilting on the batik one. Granddaughter’s quilt is a gem too!! Maddie will forever treasure it!
    Thanks to all who had a part in these.

  10. I love the quilt that Ray made for Maddie. How creative to put the Lori Holt blocks in among the shirts. She will cherish this forever.

  11. Beautiful quilts. I love Maddie’s quilt. Memory quilts are so precious. It will be something she will treasure forever. I have kept all the quilts my children had as babies and they’re something I treasure.

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