Community Quilts from Ray

It’s a good day any day that Ray sends me pictures of finished quilt tops.  I just loved seeing them!!

Ray writes:

“When I look at a quilt, I normally see the unique fabrics and designs that go into the creation of that quilt. Here are some quilts that you sent to me recently. In the package were two quilts that said they belonged to each other. No matter how I tried to separate them, I kept putting them back together again. Each quilt had a centerpiece of fabric that was bordered by a deep green polka dot fabric. The centers were from the same fabric line and were wonderful complements of each other. One was all roosters and the other was various farm animals.

I finally gave in and decided to treat them the same. I found a piece of neutral fabric that I really liked for the backing from Judy C. in IL. But there was not quite enough for both of them. Then I remembered that I had some leftover fabric from the backing of the County Fair quilt. There are more left than I remembered. I had plenty to put a piece in the backing for each quilt and then to bind both quilts. I decided to use a neutral bone-colored thread and stipple motif for the quilting. Awesome!! Now I have a couple of companion quilts to go with the County Fair quilt for the Airing of the Quilts in the spring.

Here are the pictures for the second quilt…

Thank you, Jo, the top maker, and Judy for the wonderful pieces needed to make these two beautiful quilts.

This ol’ country boy has been on a farm kick for a while and here is another farm-related quilt. This top is from Katy P. in WI. What an adorable quilt!!

All the little farm animals are so cute. Amazing what you can create by sewing together related fabrics.

She then put a double border on it. First with Holstein cow print and then with a chicken print. She even included the binding made from the chicken print. If you thought the front was cute, check out the backing.

OMG!! I thought I had stepped onto Old MacDonald’s Farm complete with a red tractor. (I don’t see any markings on it so I am going to assume it is an International brand.) Thank you Jo and Katy for this very special quilt.”

All of these tops were so cute.  I’m sure some Grandma’s at the Airing of the Quilts will snap these up and gift them to their grandchildren.  I know how to sew and it’s tempting even for me to do that!!


7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Such cute “farmy” quilts. I like the fabric with the cute little pigs. I hope some little farm boy or girl gets one of these. Great quilts and quilting!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Those quilts are major cute. I would be tempted to keep them for wall hangings. There are going to be some happy people at the airing of the quilts.

  3. Ray, you did a great job on finishing these quilts. The are really cute and cheery quilts. I had a smile the whole time I looked at the photos.

  4. hi Jo, I would like to send some quilt tops to be quilted and donated. I love piecing but have not a lot of time to quilt these tops. Who do you think I could send them to? Please let me know. I know how overwhelmed you are with everything. Thanks. Debbie Hayde

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