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I have emails to share with you from Ray.  He is still enjoying the break from customer quilts.  He does many quilts for snowbirds so over the summer he has more free time.  That’s why you all have been seeing lots of quilts from Ray.  When he doesn’t have customer quilts, he fights to squeeze in a few charity quilts.  I so appreciate his hard work and dedication to helping others!!

Ray got in a couple of quilt donations…He writes:
I received an email from Nancy M. a week ago asking if my church was having an Airing of the Quilts again. I told her it was, a date had not been set but it would probably be in March again. She was glad to hear that as she had two quilt tops that she thought would be ideal for the Airing. I asked her to please send them and I would be happy to long arm them for the show/sale. They came in the mail and are gorgeous. The pictures do not do them justice.

The first quilt is a stack and slash made entirely of batiks. The colors are so bold and bright and cheery. The blue border really sets it off. It is 48 x 56.

The second quilt she calls Maui Stars. Nancy made this quilt for a class she was to teach in Maui. She is not sure it is totally original as there are so many star patterns out there. Again it is all batiks. This one is 52 x 66.

I am positive that they will be major attention-getters at the Airing. Thank you, Nancy.”

Ray finished some more quilts…check these out…Ray writes:

I just finished pulling this beautiful quilt off the long arm.  Louise H. in FL emailed me that she reads your blog and had a quilt top that she would like to donate. I gave her my info and she sent me this big top. It is 64 x 82 and the pattern is “Plaidish”.

She must have used up a lot of scraps in this quilt. There are so many interesting fabrics in it.

I used a…bone-colored thread on the front and back and the stipple motif to minimize the plaid effect in the quilt.

The backing is from Doreen C in IA.

I am sending this quilt over to Carol R. to do the binding on it and then to get it to Guardian Ad Litem to use on the bed of a foster child. My thanks to you, Louise, Doreen, and Carol for all your contributions and assistance in  creating another quilt for a deserving child.”

Next up…
Trick or Treat!!! Since Halloween is just around the corner and the Cresco ladies made this cute little top, I decided it was time to finish it.

I just love all the little jelly roll strips in the quilt and the Jack-o-lantern sashing. It is adorable. I dug in the stash from Deb and Pat in FL and found the orange backing.

I knew from the beginning that the pumpkin motif was perfect for it. But what color of thread. No matter what I tried, nothing really showed on the front. I decided that it would be black thread so that the motif would pop on the back.

It is all ready to go. My thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, Deb and Pat for this wonderful Halloween creation.”

I have yet another quilt from Ray.  I said he has been busy!

Ray writes:
Here is an adorable, flannel quilt that I long armed from the Cresco ladies.

They must have gotten a bunch of flannel that coordinated well. Love the rich, deep reds and greens and golds. The flannel is so soft and cuddly. Yes, we do use flannel in Florida. Believe it or not, but your body does tend to adjust to the warm/hot weather. Flannel is great for those few winter days when it gets down in the 40s or for the elderly who are unable to get up and move around freely to keep the circulation going. I found a solid burgundy fabric from Deb and Pat in FL to use for the backing.

I decided to add a few more flowers with the floral motif in a bone colored thread. Love how this one turned out.
My thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, Deb and Pat for your generosity to create this soft, warm quilt.”

Ray just keeps the quilts coming and coming.  I always love getting mail from him.  Many thanks to all of you who donated.  It does take many of us working together to keep the community quilt project afloat.  Thanks for the help!!

3 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. WOW! All very beautiful quilts and again, Ray did such a great job quilting them. These should all bless somebody as they are snuggled in one.

  2. Wow those quilts. Were so lovely. Looking at the quilts from Nancy M. I noticed how she pieced the stack and slash blocks so the shapes in one carried into the next tying the whole quilt top together. Wonderful piecing. All the quilts were beautiful. Chorus I learned in Sunday school “If we all work together how happy we’ll be. Fits tyou and all the donations. Have a blessed day and week all of you

  3. Loved seeing all those wonderful tops, finished by Ray. The batiks quilts were truly nice to see since I recently started to collect more of them.

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