Community Quilts from Ray

I have gotten several emails from Ray lately.  He’s been so busy tackling his pile of community quilts.  Here are two of his recent finishes and a mail call.

Ray writes:
In the most recent package of Cresco ladies’ quilt tops was this wonderful quilt. When I looked at it, I was touched by the messages in the quilt.  With so much negativity flying around, I hung on to the positivity in this gem. Needless to say, it kept calling to me to long arm it so that its message could be seen and heard by others. So here it is.

It is a panel quilt with wide floral print borders. I used a simple stipple motif with white thread.

I found the red backing fabric in the stash from Deb and Pat in FL.

Since I use the backing trimmings for my bindings, I am always checking to see how the backing will look as binding. Love the way the red sets off the quilt. My thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, Pat, and Deb. May you all be blessed.

Here is quilt #2…

I finally got a chance to finish another QOV in between customer quilts.

This is the Oh My Stars 3 yard quilt pattern from Donna Robertson. When I saw the pattern in her book, I knew it was destined to be a QOV, I really like how it turned out.

I used a simple stipple stitch in white so that the beautiful lines in the quilt were minimally distorted.

One more for the growing QOV stack.

Ray also got some mail in…

Ray writes:
I received another big box of treasures from Maureen M. in OH today. Soon after she sent me the most recent box, she reached out to me about some blocks that she had. She saw that I was making QOV’s. She said she had over 100 eleven-inch red, white, and blue strip blocks if I could use them. Yes, I can use them. Most of the work making a quilt top is done with ready-to-go blocks. The box was delivered today. They are gorgeous. OMG!! The stack is huge, 4.6 inches tall.

I recently long-armed a strip quilt from Arline. She used sashing between the blocks. It was much easier on the long arm since the corners were much smaller. I think I will go that route with these. I feel certain there are enough for at least 4 quilts.

She also sent other goodies.

*There was a safari panel that measured 35 x 44. I am positive that I have some more animal prints in my stash to make it a bit larger.

*There was an ark panel that she had already added borders to make it 42 x 55. That would be adorable in a baby’s room or bed.

*There was a cheater quilt in greens with coordinating floral fabric for backing. The top measures 35 x 45.

*There was another cheater fabric that is so sweet with cute little friendship comments. It measures 45 x 55 and has some nice backing fabric with it as well.

*Last but not least was a LARGE cut of red plaid fabric. It would be great for QOV or Christmas quilts.

Thank you, Maureen.”

WOW…great quilts and a great donation.  THANKS SO MUCH everyone.  It is much appreciated.  Love the quilt finishes Ray and so glad you got some time to do some piecing!!


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  1. Jo, thank you, thank you, and thank you for your lovely crosstitch post! I’ve just gotten home from the annual family camping trip. We camp next to Lake Michigan and I had no signal. You can bet I was eager to read your advice! Now I have a goal to check out all the listed links. I feel much more positive about the whole thing now. Thanks for all you do. You’re in my prayers.

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