Community Quilts from Ray

Ray had been busy not only longarming but sewing too!!  Read along and check out the three great quilts Ray finished.

Ray writes:
Between all the long arming of quilts, I managed to actually make a quilt.

I was doing some shopping at a discount store and came across the fabric aisle. They had 20 count jelly rolls for less than $7 each and I could not resist buying two of them. I decided to sew two strips together and then cut them into 4-inch blocks. I grouped four blocks with the same fabric in them to make 8-inch blocks. The fabric is really cute but there were only five different fabrics which was not enough variety.

I found the pink and green polka dot fabric in the stash from Tammye M, in FL. With all the dots in the fabrics, I had to go with the circle meander motif for quilting and white thread.

It is probably a bit big for a baby quilt but would be great for a young child. I enjoyed making it and like it. Hope some child does as well.”

Here’s quilt #2 from Ray…
Ray writes:
I finished this cute little quilt from Jean in WI and wanted to share it with you, When you sent it to me, it was on the small side at 27 x 29. You included a note saying it was small and included the outer border fabric with the top.

As I was reviewing what I had in my stash, I found the large autumn leaf print. If one border is good, then two should be better. I added the leaf print then your burgundy to get it to 37 x 39.

It could be a nice lap quilt or a table topper now. I really like how all the fall colors came together for a very seasonal look.

I used a maple leaf motif for the quilting and a deep dark red thread.

The backing came from the stash from Deb and Pat in FL and really picks up the colors well.

My thanks to you, Jean, Deb, and Pat for all the goodies that went into this sweet little quilt.”

Ray writes:
Nina H. in Missouri contacted me about a quilt top she had made and did not want.

It was the result of a mystery quilt project that unfortunately did not end with the result she had hoped. I gladly accepted it and finished it. The fabrics are beautiful and have a lemon theme to them. She did a great job with the piecing. I am calling it Lemonade. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

I found some green leaf fabric in the stash from Deb and Pat for the backing.

I decided to go with the double swirl motif with white thread to soften the lines in the top and to add interest to the open spaces.

I would agree that blue fabrics would be better suited for the quilt. However, I think I managed to make some great lemonade out of it. I am sure someone will be glad to accept it and give it a happy home. My thanks to you, Nina and Deb, and Pat for the ingredients for the lemonade quilt.”

Ray also was blessed with some mail…
Ray writes:
I got a surprise when I picked up the mail today. I found a box from Charlotte L. in FL that I did not know was on its way. She packed all kinds of goodies in it. There were two large cuts of fabric that I can use for backing. They are in the back left of the pic. Peach and red-colored fabrics.

There was a really nice 20 piece jelly roll that I have an idea for using in a quilt top. There were also several nice smaller cuts of fabric that will come in handy for borders or adding to a back that needs just a little more fabric. There was a nice stack of layer cake cuts to have on hand. Then the big stack is a bunch of UFOs. OMG!! The ideas that are flowing on what to do with them. Thanks, Charlotte.

I think we all have sewn mystery quilts and have not been happy with them.  Donating the quilts to charity is a great idea!  We happily accept them all!  Thanks to Ray and the many people who helped these quilts come to be.

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Linda Jarnecke

    Love the first quilt with the jungle animals and polka dots. Going to go through my strips and see if I can give this a try! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Ann Marie Drop

    Ray, you are such a creative quilter. I love the way you regard each quilt top before deciding on the quilting pattern.

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